My Life

June 30, 2001

june 30, [foreigner, "died in your arms tonight"] omg so the last

two days ahve been so great. well last night was the same as normal, hung

out with people then went to the loop. after we left thought there was alot

of excitment there. there were people there with baseball bats and such wanting

to beat people, i guess there were alot of police and shit there. it wasn’t

good i hear. but tonight, omg, tonight i’m in heaven again. well ang is leaving

for cali this morning at 3:30 in about 2 hours actually. but yeah. we went

to her house and it was just me and her and adam for a while, and we watched

movies then xak and vero showed up and we watched more movie and played other

various games. adam drew charictchers (sp) of everyone, he’s a good artisit.

i wish i could draw, then we left there about 10:30 and went to the loop.

ryan was there, the guy that hangs all over adam, and he was hangin all over

him and kissing him and shit, so we left to go to the bathroom at java joes,

we went there and adam was like, ok tonight you’re my bf, i was like, OMG

yes. lol. i can’t believe those words came out of his mouth, ya know i know

it’s just cause he wants ryan off him, but yeah. i was like, bu yeah. lol.

so we went back to the loop and shit and had a great time there, adam told

ryan that i was his bf and ryan i think got pissed about that cause he left

and didn’t say anything to him again the whole night. but yeah. i was happy.

adam’s so damn cute and funny and and and, omg yeah. i could actually date

him. i could.

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