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July 1, 2001

july 1, [enrique englesias, "rythm divine"] well tonight just keeps

gettin better and better. well to start today hasn’t been the greatest. bennett

randomly showed up at my house today, my mom’s been bitchy about shit, and

yeah, not good day. then about 6 or so julian IMed me and we like, dean wants

to come tonight you wanna go pick him up. and i was like sure. but then mandy

and vero showed up here. and mandy started bitching about going to altoona

to pick him up, that just got to me. i was like damnit, if you don’t want

to go we could drop you off somewhere, or you ahve your car here so you don’t

ahve to go. and plus ya know, you’re not driving there so there’s really no

big deal. but yeah, we went to xaks and he was home so we dropped mandy off

there and went to altoona with me jules and vero. we got dean came back and

everyone was waiting at the park, well some people were, the rest of them

had gone to subway to get food. so we had to wait around and wait for them.

that wasn’t to bad, then we went ot kum and go, and i don’t know what all

was up there, but we had to hang around there forever. we ran into link and

he went and got nic then they came back and nic was being weird. i didn’t

really care so i didn’t get into it, it was nic being nic. we finally got

out of polk city at like 8:30 i was angered by that. i was like damnit. lets

go. then we went to ames to see someone that i don’t know, i didn’t really

have a problem with that, but it was mostly a waste of time, cause yeah. but

i could stand it. then we went to java joes. it was good times there. then

we went to the loop, the cops were there cause i guess there was another fight,

so we left and went back to java joes. people have been really gettin on my

nerves lately. especially about adam, tonight i’ve just been like lets go,

lets go, cause i was gettin bored just sittin around and plus mandy was in

a pretty bitchy mood and that just brought me down some and yeah. but yeah

about the whole adam thing. i mean i like him and shit, and i’m planning on

asking him out. but people have just been buggin the crap out of me, it’s

like damnit, just leave it alone. i don’t really care if i have his phone

number, i don’t care if i see him. i wanted to go to the loop to see people.

if he was there, i would have talked to him, but that’s all damnit. grrr.

and then i just got home and danny sent like 3 e-mails to me, they are fucking

ass long and i haven’t read them all but the last one said: "We need

to talk well that is if you actually want to since were not in a fucking relationship

anymore as you say" and it’s like god damnit, i don’t need this tonight.

i want to talk to him, but yeah. not tonight. grrr. there’s so much going

on in my head i need to go to bed now. night all.

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