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April 20, 2001

april 20, so it’s 10:47 and i have nothing to do 🙁 our schools really got

picky about people using large amounts of bandwidth, they started unplugging

people that trasnfered more then X megs a day (they won’t tell us the number).

i got pulled for a bit this morning, but i complained and they gave it back

to me, they claimed that i was transfering MP3’s and i was like, no i wasn’t

i just do alot of webwork that requires me to transfer large amount s fo data.

they are a bunch of BOFH’s in the CS department here, and everything is MP3’s

to them. like one time i was doing this website for a class and i needed more

space on my webspace that they give us, cause you only get 5 megs, even

though they say you have 100+ accourding to the Yahoo! thingy that they filled

out. so i had to go and talk to the BOFH here, and the first this she

said before asking why i needed it she said "Well if you weren’t storing

MP3’s on it" and i was like you bitch, you don’t know me, you don’t know

anything about what i’m doing, and then she was like well, you’ll have to

get your professor to talk to the dean of the CS department to get extra room,

and i was like WTF? that’s your job you’re the BOFH here. grr. but i got my

extra 10 megs that i needed after 2 weeks of complaining. stupid BOFH’s. i

got an e-mail from art today, i was so excited, he’s cool. i have to start

on lesson plans and lists of stuff i need for camp. i really don’t want to,

not yet, it’s to early. i also need to buy a new camel bak, cause my last

one isn’t big enough to carry anything but just water, and i wan’t one that

i can carry some other stuff in, so that way i don’t have to carry both my

camel bak and my backpack. (this

is the one i have, this

is the one i want) i also need a new first aid kit, but i don’t have the

money for it, so that’ll have to wait, lol. damnit, Comfed is going really

slow, i want to know what my bank balance is. shit i only have 286.86 and

i’ve already spent $75 of that, so that leaves me with 211.86 and i’ve got

188.39 left in savings, so i’ve got 475.25 to get me through tell my first

paycheck in july. umm, yeah. i don’t know if that’ll last, lol.

april 20, #2. so i’m sitting here watching ricki lake, i hate this show so

much, but i can’t stop watching it, but ok, so today’s thing is "i can’t

accept my gay teen" and some of these parents are just so stupid about

it. "It’s against god’s view, I don’t want him to burn in hell"

I just want to scream at these parents. you have to watch it, i’m not going

to explain it all. Grrrr. here’s the quote that i go by: "You’re grown

up and you’ve made your own life and made your own family with your lover.

Your parents are in the background. Don’t make them the foreground. Let them

be vaguely benevolent figures whom you maintain a sweet but distant connection

to and let them think whatever they think and feel what they feel. Be grateful

for what you have and don’t worry about them until it’s time to pick out a

nursing home. And then find one that’s staffed by gay guys." roflol.

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