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April 20, 2001

april 20, #3. i so do love css, in case you didn’t notice (i sure hope to

god yo did notice, other wise you’re blind) i completly changed the color

scheme on here, and it only took me about 30 minutes, the hardest thing was

just getting the buttons and letters on the main page changed, cause i’ve

never changed those before so i had to start from scratch and get them to

look right, but i saved a .png of those, so now if i want to chnage something

it’ll only take like 5 minutes and i only have to upload 7 files, to change

all 238 html files that this site contains, i sooooo love this css shit, next

thing i’m going to work on is templates, so that if i want to change the overall

layout, all i have to change is just one file and then it changes everything

else to have a completely different yet uniform look 🙂 i’m just not sure

how well the templates work on dreamweaver, i’ve had some problems with them

before not changeing things that it was supposed to, and changeing other things

that it wasn’t supposed to. so we’ll test that before it’s emplimented.

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