My Life

April 20, 2001

april 20, #4, btw: my computer has been up for 8 days, 1 hour, 1 minute,

and 20 seconds. it’s sent 282,185 packets and received 271,227 packets. i

currently have 9115 e-mails. so far this year i’ve kept 247 e-mails and deleted

1315. that mean’s i get 81.2% junk mail, how cool huh? that’s the problem

with having the same e-mail address for like 6 years, sooner or later you

get on like every freaking list and you get tons of e-mails, yay for filters

though, lol. last year i got 87.7% junk mail for the entire year. (oh btw,

these %’s aren’t including the e-mails that i get from my two lists that i

belong too.) yeah, but speaking of junk mail, i have to go talk to the RD

next week sometime, he wants to know why i’m leaving, hehe, what should i

tell him? that’s going to be funny shit. i don’t know if i’ll go or not. not

like they can do anything if i don’t go. my website contains a total of 713

files, 238 of those are HTML and 317 of those are orphanded files. it has

1892 total links, 778 of which are external, all of the internal links are

"ok." i know you all care, but this is fun. laters.

april 21, #1. ok i swear my roomie is incompitent, and it’s really annoying

me. ok so we’ll go back to thursday, thurday at 6 am, he went to bed. he slept

untill 7 pm that night, got up and left the room. he got back here, sometime

early friday morning, but didn’t go to bed, he was still up when i got up

at 6, he left here shortly after 7 to go to classes. he got back here, about

2 friday afternoon and went to bed. he then got up about 2 am this morning,

because the phone rang, and then he went back to bed at 9 when i got up. and

he’ll probably sleep most of the day. this is really starting to piss me off.

and another thing, we’ve been here for how long, and i swear he’s got the

mail like twice. usually if it’s just stuff for him, i’ll leave it there,

and it’ll just sit in ther efor a couple days untill i finally get it and

bring it to him. i mean, our box is hard to open there’s a trick to it, but

it’s not that goddamn hard, all you have to do is that you don’t go to the

last number, you go tell yoou hear it click and then you go backwards untill

you hear it click again, and then it pops open. i almost always get it on

the first time. it’s really, really not that hard. but ya know, i wanna know

who the hell called here at 1:57 this morning. cause i never heard the phone

ring. and i had just gone to bed not that long before, and the roomie answered

it, cause my computer didn’t. i gotta go get my laundry.

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