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April 16, 2001

april 16, so i just got back and read all my e-mail and such, damnit i miss

all the good stuff when i’m gone, there’s been alot of talk about stuff. so

yeah. oh, right before i left i went to put my computer on standby, but the

damn thing restarted, so it’s only been up for like 4 days or something now,

instead of the 9 that i was hoping 🙁 not much else going on, it was a boring

drive home. i’m going to start a new page with like poems and shit on it,

so if you have any really cool poems that like yeah, are just cool send them

to me. i used to have a whole shit load of them, but my PU’s found them and

classified them as "inapprpriate (sp)" so yeah, they’re gone, and

then book i got them out of isn’t in print anymore, so it’s going to be hard

to find it again. i was kinda sad that i didn’t get to see any of the group

this weekend, but it’s probably for the better, my pu’s bitched at me over

spring break about never being home, so yeah. oh well. there was something

else i wanted to talk about but i’m not remembering it now, so i’m going to

go read my new XY before the roomie gets back.

april 16, #2, i remember what it was, saturday danny IMed me and said "Angeleyez5552001r=”#0000ff”>:

what letter did you write to me"

and i have no idea what he’s talking about. so yeah. that’s what it was. i’m


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