April 15, 2001

april 15th, so todays been ok i guess. i got up about 8 or so and got ready

to leave for the G&G’s house. of course there was this whole yelling shit

about “get ready” and blah blah, it happens everytime we go somewhere. but

yeah, so my cousins moving and such, and since my dad works at a place where

he can get shit loads of boxes, my aunt asked him if he could get some, so

he did and we took them down to tehm today. and on the way down there, my

dad asked how much stuff my cousin had. we before i even had a chance to say

anything my mom was like “it’s alot like janells house” and well everyone

in my family makes fun of janells cause she’s got shit pilled everywhere,

and it’s just a fucking mess. and i just wanted to scream at her, cause it’s

like her house is fucking nothing like janells house. my mom does that to

people, and it’s really annoying, like if you’re not as perfect as she is,

err. and then my aunt was bidding on some stuff from e-bay, and everyone knows

how cool e-bay is. if i had more money i would be buying shit off e-bay left

and right, but yeah, on the way home she was talking to me, and was like “what’s

this e-bay shit, bidding on-line, isn’t that a little rediculios” (sp). and

i was like, woman wake up. i really hate spending two hours in the car with

my family it annoys me so much. but on to other things, i was really, i guess,

detaced today. i was thinking about like how, how i wouldn’t be able to bring

my loved one into this family, and be able to bring him to holidays and yeah,

i know what i’m talking about. you know, like they would treat him differently

then if i were to marry ‘proper’ and shit. i don’t want to get into this now,

maybe when i get my keyboard back this one hurts my fingers, i can’t ever

find the keys. lol.

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