Dec 5, 2000


end of semester, driving me NUTS. it’s tues. yeah, tues. usually a good day,

cause i have all easy classes, YEAH RIGHT, not today. well it started off

in matt class stupid mother fucking professor. the bastard. well he spent

the first 30 minuts of class lecutring us on how we are like 10 sections behind

for the final and how the final is on such and such day and how they are going

to split the classes up cause we are to big to fit everyone in the one auduatorium


so yeah, the fucker wasted 30 minutes telling us about shit that we didn’t need to know. and then we were supposed to get through four sections today,

and we’ve got a test tomorrow at 7PM, can you believe that 7PM, fuck you.

but yeah, we were supposed to get though four sections today, we didn’t even

get through one, so you know what he did? he gave us 78 problems over the

four sections that we DIDN’T FUCKING GET TO. and they are due on Thurs. FUCK,

78 problems you know how much fucking HW i have in other classes to fucking

get done. god damn it. and then we have a test tomorrow for that class that

we have to go to and study for, MAN that guy is a fucking retart, he shows

up for class late, he never knows what he’s taling about, he put problems

on the board that even he doesn’t know how to solve, he’s never prepared.

he DOESN’T KNOW SHIT. he spend most of his day in the TC playing pool. AND

WE PAY HIM FOR THAT? I THINK NOT. he should be fucking preparing for the next

god damn class. well enough about math now on to BASIC. i hate that class.

it’s sooooooo fucking easy, but today, ARG. we are in these damn group projects

you know, ok. well i got stuck in a fucking group of people that have NO IDEA

what they are doing, so today we were doing the coding for this HUGE ass project

and today i was like well i’m not going to code, cause i’ve been doing all

of it. so i made this other guy sit there and code, well he has no fucking

clue what he was doing, so i just say there an dictated everything to him.

ARG. ok on a happy note. i talked to danny today, infact just got done talking

to him. i saked him if he would seriously consider meeting in person and he

siad he would then i put the hypothetical question to him, “what if i

said i was free from dec 26-jan11…” and he was like, “well i’m

going to be spending time with me family,” (i should have told him it

was hypothetical), “but ifi had my own place…..” and then we both

said we loved each other, it was the first time since that little problem.

i hadn’t realized it but i guess it was. how nice. i really do love him. he’s

sweet. o yeah, my mom called me last night at like 10 or so and i was like

damn it shouldn’t you be in bed. and i was all spacey cause i was busy else

where, i think she thinks there’s something wrong with me now. but o well.

but yeah she called cause she want’s be to go to philmont again next year,

i really don’t want to go. but yeah, and they also want me to help out at

summer camp for the troop. i don’t know how that will work out. i think my

PU’s are the only one’s stupid enough not to put the right ear/left ear thing

into play. but yeah i told her i was like, i really don’t want to go to philmont

again, and she was like well maybe you can take a training course, an unfortunally

she found one that would work for me, damn it. so now i don’t know how i’m

goint to get out of it. fuck. but yeah i really need a paying job for this

summer, i’m going to see about maybe trilogy systems i have to talk to greg

sometime, or maybe i can get an internship with allied or something i don’t

know, i would really LOVE to work at camp again, but that would require i

take the ear ring out cause people there will put one and one together and

figure it out. but yeah, i would really love doing that, i’ve been thinking

alot lately about where i’m going in my life and i’ve been thinking about

changing to a teaching major, it would be like computer science teaching stuff

like that, but i don’t think i could handle the private industry of computers,

and i really don’t want to go into anything else that i can think of, and

i love kids. and that’s something else i have been thinking alot about lately,

kids. you know when i come out to my G&G they are going to be like “WHAT

NO GREAT GRANDCHILDREN” and i’ll never fucking hear the end of that;

so i’ve been thinking about weather i would want to adopt when i find the

right man to spend my life with, and i think maybe i have found him. but i

really think i would want to adopt. i love kids and this last summer at camp

has really made me realize that. and i really wish that i would be able to

go back there and work again, but unfortuanaly the people in out council are

realky uptight about this whole gay thing, the bastards. BOFH is cool. so

i’ll go back to work now i have like three papers to write and then all that


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