Dec 4, 2000

well it’s dec 4 about 4:30 or so. today’s been pretty good, i finally got

around to answering my aunts e-mail. i just said some short things here and

there, kinda explainging where i thought i was going with stuff. all that,

and i got a reply back from here. pretty good as far as things go there. I’ll

have to reply to her yet again. it’s getting kinda annoying (takes to much thought), but o well, hehe. danny says that QaF was really good, i so want

it now. DAMN IT why do i have to live in the middle of now where, where we

don’t get showtime. fuck it. other then that today’s been pretty uneventfull.

my classes sucked today, i so could have skipped my first class, and slept

some more, i need some more sleep, hehe. and then in speech he just babbled

yet again. it’s really starting to get old. YEAH, classes will be over soon.

so that’s good. yeah, all’s good. life still sucks, but all’s good. I’m going

to go finish my paper now, so bubye.

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