Author: Cj B

  • Dec 1, 2000

    Well it’s Dec 1st, world aids day, did everyone wear thier red ribbon? well so wierd things happened last night. i went to bed about 11 like normal, but i just couldn’t get to sleep. everything that’s happened to me over the last couple months was just racing through my mind. i think the thing […]

  • Nov 30, 2000

    well it’s Nov 30, so far i’ve kept my promise on keeping this updated, so far. well today has been pretty hectic, and stuff. lets start with this morning. well i’ve been putting together some stuff for world AIDS day, tomorrow, and i hadn’t been able to find anybody with lots of brochures, but this […]

  • Nov 29, 2000

    Well it’s Nov 29, been more then a month since i last updated this page. ALOT has happened since then. this is going to be one mother fucker of an update. Well lets see, maybe i should read back to see what was happening a month ago, then i’ll start, hold on……………………….huh, well alot really […]

  • Oct 26, 2000

    well it’s oct 26 like 9 or so, i don’t know anymore what time it is, I’ve been losing track of the dates and the time alot lately. i don’t know what it is. well i dropped chem yesterday, that was a lot of fun, thank god i’m out of that class. o but that […]

  • Oct 18, 2000

    ok welll today is wed oct 18. Damn it’s been a long day. had a horrid chem class. i so hate that class. havne’t talked to danny yet…i’m really sad about that. god i love him so much where is he? i hope i didn’t scare him off with or convo on sat. bloody hell… […]