June 12, 2001

june 12, [bee gees, "jive talking"] well it’s been a really long

day, it’s "big sister night" as the staff calls it, more like big

brother night for me, 🙂 but yeah, it’s family night, tonight went really

well. all kinds of cool stuff, the call out ceremony went on and yeah, it

was a good night. i met andy’s older brother, grant woullums, he’s 17 and

damn fucking hot, they two, andy and grant, look almost exactly the same,

and they are both damn cute. i guess that pete and brad have been hearing

alot of good things about eagle bound this year, so i’m happy about that,

really cool. i’m liking that. umm that’s about all i have to write tonight,

so im going to go to bed now, tomorrows going to be another long one with

everything i ahve to get done. night all.

June 12, 2001

june 12, [billy joel, "the river of dreams"] well it’s 8:15 am

and i’m just getting back from breakfast, i have about 20 minutes tell i have

to head to my area so i thought i would write some since i didn’t get a chance

to yesterday. tuesday was a bitch. plain and simple. it rained all morning

and all afternoon, and i mean rained hard. we had to cook in the rain, but

we couldn’t get the fires started and the kitchen wouldn’t let us in the dining

hall to eat cause they didn’t have the food to feed us. so we cooked in QM

on propane and pete ate my ass off for that. but hey, the customers come first

that’s what he always says. so yep. and then we worked our asses off at the

eveing program didn’t even get supper cause we were busy with that. when we

got done with that pete called everyone and said "all staff to the office

NOW" we got there and he told us to go change into work clothes, the

CO2 fire extingusher went off in the building and covered EVERYTHING with

this thick yellow dust. it was nasty and we had to clean the entire place,

we didn’t get done with that tell about 10:30 then i went and took a shower

and went to bed. that was pretty much my day yesterday, hope today’s better.

laters all.

June 11, 2001

june 11, [acdc, "back in black"] i know i missed yesterday, but

it was a damn busy day. i didn’t get back to my tent tell 11:30 last night

and i had to be up at 6 this morning to check another troop into their campsite.

well yesterday was a great day, i got up early and went down to my campsite,

checked them out and said by to my guys, they were all so adorable. i hope

travi e-mails me when he gets back home. then by the time they got out and

i got all my chores done in the camp site it was time for the staff meeting.

so i went to that, they gave us our information, then i went and changed into

our wal-mart smily shirts, they are actually really nice shirts, but they

are ugly as hell. and by this time in the day it was damn hot and it had rained

all night before so everything was hot, mudy, humidy and just nasty. but i

had my troop for a campsite, so that was easy i just basically got them to

where they needed to be and said here do this and that. the lines at the stations

were bloody hell LONG and we didn’t get done with check-in tell 5, but i left

my group about 4 cause we had to go build campfires for the program that night,

so i went and did that tell supper. then after supper we went and worked in

QM getting things ready for camp and finishing off some last details for the

stuff. that’s all good. then we went to campfire, pete and smokey actually

said it was the best campfire they’ve seen in YEARS. and they stressed years

so that’s a really good thing. oh about my mom and everything she has said

"everything’s all right" so yeah, i guess that’s all good. yep.

there’s so much i want to write here, but there’s so little space and it’s

pretty boring stuff. but then after campfire we went and had a party for the

first day of camp, and that went tell 11:00 when i left to take a shower.

i like showers especially after days like that. oh they also changed my days

off to fridays, now if that means thursday night to friday night or friday

morning tell saturday morning we haven’t got that far yet. i’m hopeing for

friday morning to sat morning cause that would be the best, but they haven’t

told me yet. then today i got up and had to check in thie morman (sp?) troop,

they were supposed to be here at 6:30 which means i had to be up about 6 or

so to get ready for them, but they didn’t get here tell 7:30 which made me

mad, cause i missed breakfast. and i was also running late on getting to my

area. but it was nice, they had a really cute kid in the group. his names

silver something. ya know there’s all these hot guys up here, but it really

sucks cause you know they are all off limits. it’s like damnit. but oh well,

i’m here to work. but today went pretty good. my area ran nicely and stuff.

yep, so it’s all good. it’s now 9:50 so i’m going to head to bed, cause it’s

been a LONG couple days. laters all.

June 9, 2001

june 9, #3 [stone temple pilots, "wicked garden"] well it’s 11:30

and we’re all just getting back from hickory park in ames, it was pretty cool.

lol. pete let everyone leave at 8:30 so we all decided to go to hickory park.

we just ate desert, but we took forever to eat it. i got to ride in a car

with neil, he’s one damn hot guy. he’s like 16 or 17 and in ROTC, damn good

shape, and really cute, he’s got these really cute dimples, i was flirting

with him in the car, and he was so flirting back, lol. it was great. yeah,

so i have to be up at 6:30 tomorrow so i’m going to bed. night all.

June 9, 2001

june 9, #2 [savage garden, "affiamat"] well it’s 4:00 and we’re

free tell supper. today really sucks, we were supposed to be completely done

by now, which almost everyone is. and we were going to get from 4 tell 11

tomorrow off, but pete is being an ass hole and has decided that we can’t

have tonight off so everyone has to stay in camp, which just plain sucks.

i really wanted to get out of here to get my laundry and stuff done tonight.

and to take a hot shower with water pressure and all that. yeah i really did,

but it looks like i’m not going to get to now. damnit. i haven’t gotten to

spend any time in my campsite either, but that’s ok. they were all over on

frankel today all day cause of the scouts over here on this ridge, all around

it’s been a productive day. pete’s still claiming that we are three days behind

schedule, but we aren’t everyone is ready to go for camp. we’ve got all the

evening programs figured out and stuff so yep all that’s ready to go. well

i’m going to go see about a shower, we just got done makeing the fires and

we had to haul alot of wood into the ampitheater. that’s not fun work.