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Aug 08, 2001

Aug 8, [Alanis Morissette, "Not The Doctor"]

Adam came over this morning and we worked on his website. It’s starting

to get places, but there’s still alot to be done with it. I’m going to have

to spend some major time teaching him how to us dreamweaver. It should be

good times. I realized today why I like him so much. I’m not going to go

into it here because that’s not really information I want to devulge to

the entire world, but I really do like him. I wish so much now that I wouldn’t

have let things go as far as they did that day. I really do. I think that

we’d still be together had that not happened, and that things in life would

be so much better.

My dad’s still not home, which is a good thing, but last night my mom was

talking to me, and she keeps coming up with things that I have to pay for

while I’m in college, yet she neglets to remember that I’m only going to

be able to work part time, and that most of that money will be going towards

things that I’m going to have to pay for now. Much like, my car. We went

to Ames and looked at an apartment last night, it’s on 15th St. Which the

guy that lives there says is only about a mile from campus, A mile my ass.

But it looks like a pretty nice place and it’s on the Cyride route. The

rent is pretty cheap, but still. There’s no way I’d be able to afford it.

I talked to Bruce Bennett last night about jobs in the computer related

fields up in Ames, he said that Krell would be a good place, and that’s

the only place that he mentioned, but I’m not really sure if I want to work

there or not. I’ve heard some bad things about working for them. And now

that they’re spacing themselves from AiS I don’t really know what they do

there. But what ever. It does seem like it’d be a good opertunity to work

in the computer field for somethings.

Things in my life just haven’t been going my way lately. I should have

just gone to UNLy like originally planned, I should have just worked at

camp all summer, like I was going to, I should have just left things be

in my life, but I had to meet someone, and I had to quit camp and I had

to change my mind about going to UNL or even Penn State. My life has been

so shaken up this summer that things aren’t going where I want them too.

Adam left his cell phone here. That could be amusing to see who all calls

him. But since I’m a nice guy, I just called him and told him that it was

here. I’ll shut it off and take it over to Angie’s tonight when I go over

there, well that is, if she remembers to call me like she said she would.

I got my story posted on Nifty. If you can find it you can go read it.

Like I said before though, I didn’t like the way it turned out, but Adam

said that it did the job. So we’ll see what other people say now that it’s


Adam (yet again his name appears, I’m going to have to stop that) said

that my website was boring, I like the boring colours, but I have been trying

to come up with a good colour scheme lately. I can’t really find colours

that work together that I like. I really like this blue that I’ve got going

now, but I need to find another colour for the background, white is boring.

My horoscope for today describes the kinda mood I’m in quite well: Everywhere

you look, things seem to be exactly the same as they were yesterday. You’ve

had it with the same old people and places, haven’t you, Aquarius? The Aries

Moon fills you with a voracious appetite for change. When you really think

about it, you’ll realize that it’s not as though you always have to stay

in the same place, doing the same thing. Lead a merry crew on a wild goose

chase. It’s all in the name of fun, especially when no one goes home the


Alright, so after 28 days, 16 hours and 2 minutes of uptime for my computer,

the Copy and Paste stopped working, forcing a restart, cause you can’t live

without Copy and Paste.

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