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Calvin…. Lima and NYC

I’ve been traveling way to much this month.

But let’s start with the house. It’s mine, at last! After so many headaches and “today”, “today”, “today”. I own a house! We finally signed the paper work for the day before I left. I haven’t even seen it yet since it’s officially mine! I can’t wait to go and spend a night there. Though I’m not really sure when that’ll be.

So we left for Peru a while ago getting there and all that went off without a problem. Delta flights were nice. You get more food for free, free checked baggage, etc. It was a nice flight. Arrived in peru and was met by Diego and Raul. I’ve only met Diego a few times and he had always been very nice. But this trip he really pissed me off. He’s one rude asshole. We sit around and wait for an hour or more for Mac and Hector to get there. Finanlly we all walk out to Diego’s car. I’d figure for such a big group that they’d rent a car or van or something. Nope. We go out to a mid-90’s era Nissan Sentra. I ask, “Are we really all fitting into that thing” the reply, “Yes”.

You have got to be kidding me.

Met Hector for the first time even though he’s been with the company for months. He’s a good guy he liked to complain like I do so it was good to vent to him the whole trip.

We all go check into the hotel and I went to sleep. The others all went out drinking.

This whole trip was just a huge mess. Nothing and I mean NOTHING was planned at all. The next day we were supposed to have our meeting, go to some sheds, I was told I’d have a full packed week and that I’d basically only have 1 day to myself. Turns out that I had only 2 days of real work to do and had the rest of the trip to myself. Ugh. So We putzed around the city, did some random “work” then just went back to the hotel.

Saturday I rented a taxi for the day and did a nice tour of the city. That was the highlight of the week in Peru.

The presnetation that we went down there to do sucked. After all the work I went through to get mac up to date with everything eh didn’t even DO the presentation. He had Diego do it. Diego knows NOTHING about PTI. All he did was read the damn slides. _I_ could have learned enough spanish to do that!

Met up wth the two Gourmet Offices down there. They are of course a mess. I am not sure how anything in that country gets done. When I suggested that they do things differently I was told. “Well he just doesn’t have enough time to do all that”.

Finally the trip was over, I was headed to NYC to Calvin. I was super excited. I had all this cute romanitc stuff planned out that we were going to do. We were going to have this amazing time, which we did, but something stepped in the way….

I woke up Thursday morning puking my guts out. I got about 10 feet from Jeremy’s door when it started. I threw up about every 10 minutes between there and the bus station. Then continued throwing up for a while while waiting for his bus. Finally I decided that I was in no shape to greet him at the bus. So I left. On the way out of the bus station… I didn’t make it to the toilet. Threw up right in the middle of NYC Port Athority bus terminal.

I arrived back at Jeremy’s and was puking in the toilet when my phone rang. It was that beautiful voice of his saying “I’m here”. I buzzed him in and ran back to the toilet. He came in and saw me. Rubbed my back while I was throwing up and gave me some napkins when i was done.

He came in and cuddled with me all day. Helped me, got me meds, Held me. He was amazing. I’m not sure most people would have stayed after seeing something like that. At one point I had the MOST horrible, painful leg cramp I had ever had in my life. Calvin was amazing in helping me through that too. Holding me, massaging my leg, etc. I was probably screaming bloody murder at him. I took some magic “yellow” pills that were chinese in nature and those made my stomach feel better. I had my meeting with the guy then we went out walking in the city.

We got to see some nice parts of the city that night. I honestly can’t even remember what we did. I think that was the night that we saw this italian market, met up with both Jeremy and Oksana. Didn’t stay out late and went back to Jeremy’s place.

J was awk this whole trip. I’m not sure what his deal was. There were a lot of weird things that bothered me. First example we’d be walking down the streets and if you didn’t keep an eye on him he would just disappear. Like turn a corner without saying “hey we need to go this way”. Stuff like that. it gets really annnoying. Also he can be so prying sometimes. And most of all that night going to bed. We had discussed it before, he said multiple times that Calvin and I could have his bed. But in the end we ended up sleeping on the couch together. WTF. It wasn’t horrible. It was actually fine, but still. WTF. Another example is that when we’re walking around the city we told him 4-5 times “let’s go straight to XXXXX” Well after about 20 minutes of round about walking and back and forth on the blocks we’d be there. That’s not going “Straight” there.

Friday I woke up feeling much better but stil sickish. We laid in bed till noon then went to the MET. Came back and napped then Jeremy came home. We were going t go to dinner and a show. Well Jeremy also has this horrible problem with timing and listening. So dinner and a show turned into “let’s walk around the highline”. We did that for a while then eventually got a Quick dinner and got to the show just as it was letting in. I had told him MULTIPLE times that i watned to be there at least 45 minutes early so that we could get good seats. That didn’t happen. Also the show wasn’t that great.

Though I’m pretty sure that Calvin really enjoyed his first improv. We went back to Jeremy’s place after that and got yogurt. Then the second horrible part of the weekend started. Calving started throwing up!

He threw up all night long… Saturday morning he was being a strong boy and we went out for a bit. I suggested stuff, Jeremy rolled his eyes and suggested other stuff. It was really annoying trying to agree on something. I mean really, I’m here visiting. Don’t roll your eyes at what I wanted to do. Calvin and I BOTH wanted to go to the botanical garden. We didn’t get to. We ended up walking around and around in the damn city. Taking a water taxi and going to a food vendor thing. ALL stuff that is NOT good for Calvin’s stomach! And I had to keep telling jeremy to slow down while walking.

I think that Clo enjoyed the day but I could tell he was just being a strong trooper. He went home after dinner and slept while Jeremy and I went to this Flying Burlesque show. Again I told him I wanted to be early so that we could get good seats. Again we were late and ended up standing. Only stayed an hour. I’m sure if we had seats and stayed longer it would have been more fun.

Got back and slept my last night holding Calvin. Running my fingers over his face, kissing his forehead, his back, his arms. He’s so beautiful. So amazing, so nice. We got to know each other in such an intimite setting this weekend. So closely so quickly.

We woke up on Sunday and packed and left. Breakfast was a sad affair and then I took him to the bus stop. At least this part of the trip went as planned. The one part that I wish had been fucked up, missing bus, late bus, cancelled bus, tickets for the wrong day, etc. Anything to keep Calvin in my arms longer.

But it came and went. I stood with him in line, holding his hand, kissing him until he got to the door. I gave him one last tight hug and kiss and sent him off. Not knowing when I’ll next see him. I teared up a little while waiking away from him there.

This weekend, even with all the sickness, annoyances, etc has been amazing. Only having him here, seeing him, getting to know him so much better. He’s such an amazing person. I can’t wait to see him again. I only wish I knew when that would be.

I can’t wait to get home and skype him to see his face again!

That afternoon Jeremy and I went bouldering in central park, saw billy elliot, went back to his place. It was all pretty solumn and sad without Clo there…

Why is it that I find guys I like that aren’t accessible long term to me.

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