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I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in nearly a month. It’s been so busy to be honest. Moving, new house, shopping, etc.

After my last blog post Jeremy came. We had a good time, but it confirmed that long exposure to him annoys me. If you tell someone to freaking plan out stuff for you to do, don’t go fucking changing it all in the last minute! Ugh. He told me to plan stuff for him to do after the climbing. So I planned all this stuff so that he could see some of the great things in LA. So we were out climbing and all of a sudden he starts changing things. So annoying! Ugh. Sunday he and I walked around the south bay.

I went down to Mexico the day after he left. It was a great trip. Very fast, efficient and good meetings. Good food, good times. As always. Drove home with hector and got major secondary at the border. That was a PAIN!

The next two weeks I’ve had LinkFresh in the office the whole time. So been working long days and not really doing much.

Last weekend I went out to this party with leigh. Saw eric there. It was very awk. The party was nice. Met some great people but sadly I suck on follow through so I didn’t make any new friends. Ugh. Really need to work on that. Would have loved to hang out with some of those boys again.

This week has been all busy with work. Calvin comes in like 20 days. I can’t WAIT for it to go down and for him to get here.

He’s so fucking amazing and adorable.. Ugh.

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