Drama, Drama, Everywhere!

So much drama lately.

Let’s start with the house. It appears there is no way I’ll be moving into the house this weekend. SUCK! My “friend” Jay over at the mortgage company was basically lying to me about how far along the whole shit was. He said LAST MONDAY that we would have the loan docs that day. What he failed to tell us was that the MI hadn’t even been approved yet! So every day last week he kept telling us “today, today, today” and we would never see them. Then come to find out he QUIT on the company!

So Monday I got fed up and called his boss. He boss called me back late on Monday afternoon and told me that MI hadn’t been approved, that we shouldn’t have even removed loan contingencies and all this other BS. Then he dropped the real bomb… He said there’s almost NO WAY we’ll close until NEXT WEEK!. FUCK!

So I got all pissy and told him that if we don’t have the docs this week then we aren’t closing until Sept 20th. UGH! This is redic. They’ve had ALL the documents for 45 days. They’ve had PLENTY of time to do this bs. This is out of control!

I’ve been going out on dates. Met this guy Brad, he’s Hawaiian, cute, funny, working as a flight attendant. I think he’s just into sex. I haven’t given him any yet. We’ve hung out 3-4 times. I was gonna hang out with him Monday but he didn’t seem interested, so I just left it at that. Also met this guy Denny, also cute and funny, working as a graphics designer for some movie company. A little chunky and super nerdy. We shall see.

Other then that, a few dates here and there. I’ve been trying to just focus on those two for now and see if they go anywhere.

Tim came over the other night and spent the night. It was awk messing around with Constantine’s ex, but Tim is so hot that it was fun anyways. Oh Asians, how did I become so into them!

Calvin is back in Toronto! We had our first real video skype yesterday. With the clear video, he was so much sexier and his voice. OMG. Ugh. Why do these boys have to live so far away. Maybe I always just want what I can’t have. This guy Denny also contacted me again recently, somehow found me randomly on Facebook and we started chatting again. We used to hang out all the time when he lived in LA. Just movies and cuddling, he was a time filler for me. Then he moved to Portland. Apparently he always had this huge crush on me. Who knew. Again, always the boys I can’t have.

This past weekend, I went out to see Daniel’s show with my old friend Jess, he was super into me wanting to date forever. He’s always been interesting, but never someone I was into. I also haven’t seen him in years. We used to go to lunch all the time when I worked in Santa Monica. He’s gotten fat and grey. He has not aged well. Anyways, we went out to dinner, he was all cozy in the booth, flirty, etc. We were chatting and I just threw in that I was poz. He immediately changed his tune. We still had a fun night, dinner then the show with Ron, but I haven’t heard from him since. awk.

Tim K was also in town this weekend. He went out Saturday night with Eric and Daniel. Sunday he and I went climbing with Wang. Tim and I talked after at dinner and he told me that I really need to talk to eric and be friends with him. I agree but it’s still so early. I’m having dinner with ERic tonight and I’m very nervous about how it will go. I’ve been trying to think of lots of topics to discuss that are very numeral.

Wang and I also got into it the other day, RE the Heel Hookers. He was just being general bitchy Wang. I wanted to punch him in the face. Ugh. I don’t get why he’s such a bitch to me. I’ve always been nothing but nice to him. Infact I had a huge crush on him for a while. He’s always super friendly to eric, daniel, matt, etc but when it comes to me, he’s a huge bitch. Also never replies to me or my txts. Fucker. He wanted admin access to the group. But I don’t think i’ll do that.

What else… I went out with Rex this past saturday. We went climbing at the gym then went out to meet his friends for frog… It was interesting to say the least. One of his friends was very awk and apparently really into me. He kept standing WAY to close to me and he wouldn’t stop talking to me. The other friend was cuter, but also 37! Rex and I might be going to Yosemite together this weekend… Interesting.

That’s basically it. I’m not moving, so much drama everywhere, and I’m leaving for peru too soon! Not enough stuff has been flushed out yet for this trip.

Ok. I’m out.

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