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Amazing – Saylorville

Aruroa over Iowa

Wow, this is just amazing. I can’t believe this was taken by Saylorville lake! So close to where I used to live, I wonder when it was taken? I found it on NASA’s site, but no real commentary.

What in the WORLD happened in Asia yesterday? The two Asia funds that I own dropped 10% and 13% yesterday! OMG!

The LA Basin as seen by NASA

Check out the LA Basin area, pretty damn crazy. You can clearly make out Redondo Harbor and Marina Del Ray, can you find where I live? (Note, it’s 3.1Megs, so it might take a minute to load)

Apparently 95% of Americans have had pre-marital sex. Good job Bush! Those abstinence only programs SURE are working!

Check out this great interview with Gov. Vilsack.

I’m not sure how I feel about him running for president. He’d be way better then Bush, obvsiously. But I don’t really think he did that great of a job in Iowa.

Today is the last day of work for me. 🙂 So far the week has been pretty straight forward and boring. I didn’t go biking at all because it’s been to cold! Today after work I am driving out to Pasadena to pick up Chiba, then we are going to drop my car off in Chino. From there we are going to go out to dinner and then to Charles Phoenix’s Retro Holiday Slide Show. Which looks exciting! After that he’s dropping me off at the airport for my red-eye flight!

I land at 8am tomorrow in DM, and hit the ground running for appointments to look at houses and the like! Exciting! I really hope one of these come through. I’ve got my eye on a nice 4-plex in Ankeny! And I think I’m finially starting to figure out this whole mortgage business. Ugh!

Oh, and if anyone is avalaibe, would you please check in on my cats on the 26th?! PLEASE!

Till Iowa! Adios!

PS: Back in EARLY 2004 I got my first Mac Laptop. I’m currently on my Third one. The first and second were both named “Zetta Bytes”.. I was reading an article today and apparently in late 2004, Sun came out with the ZFS or Zettabyte File System! Bastards stole my name!

If anyone wants to steal my current computers name, it’s WakoBytes. Feel free to make her a personalized Filesystem. What a great christmas present! And My wireless access point is YoctoBytes, my iPod is called YottaBytes, external HD is AttoBytes, PakoBytes is my MythTVbox and I’ve re-purposed ZettaBytes to my home database Server.

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