Life In Iowa

Well I’m here in Iowa. The flights were good.. I ran into Bryan on the first flight which was totally random! He was in the row ahead of me.

Someone else checked in as me, so they had to spend like 20 minutes figuring that out. There was a small child running all over security and somehow kept stepping on my feet.

The landing into DSM was scary, three missed attempts! OMG!

Date with Chiba on Wed was great. We went out to Miceli’s and then to the show. It was GREAT GREAT GREAT! Soooo funny! You have to go see it. Chiba’s Adorable.

Dad and I spent all day today house searching. Ugh, some of the places we saw were dumps. And the ones that weren’t you can’t make a profit on! Fuckers. Two that we really like have been on the market for over a year. So we’re hoping that maybe the guy will deal.

Ok. I have a lot to do. and only 1 hour of battery time left! Adios!

4 thoughts on “Life In Iowa”

  1. Keep in mind, there are always three prices on a house. The price they are asking, the price they want and the price they will accept. Don’t br aftaid to negotiate.

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