The Black Rider..

So lets see…. What’s happened since I last updated?

Well not much! I went up to sign the lease with the guy… I’ve decided he’s CRAZY! We talked for like an hour, he was telling me about the “dating” scene in LA, how you should never take a woman to dinner on the first date, etc. He was so random! But he can get me into the Magic Castle anytime I want. 🙂 So that’s fun! But yeah, I’m excited!

So I’m having a moving party on June 11th, everyone should come help me move! 🙂 Let me know if you wanna help!

I got my MacBook Pro yesterday too. I was a bit annoyed with the config they got me though. 80Gig HD, and (2) 512 Chips. I was hoping for at least the 100Gig, sinnce that’s what I have now, and it’s nearly full. And I was hoping for the (1) 1Gig RAM chip, so that way I could take out one of my 512 chips from my current laptop and have 1.5gigs ram… Cause I really need it most of the time. But I can’t complain.

I think what I’m going to do this weekend is copy all my stuff over to the 80 gig drive, then take it out and put in my 100Gig. Then put the 80 Gig in my old laptop. I just hope it works, cause I think the 80Gig drive is a SATA. I suppose I should check that out. Blast that’ll be annoying if it doesn’t work!

After that I think I’m going to sell my current laptop… No point in keeping two Powerbook laptops around… $1,000 anyone???

Tuesday, I didn’t really do much. Worked late into the night, went on a bike ride with Jon… this time I got a flat tire!! How annoying. Apparently the powers that be, don’t want us to ride together. Today I’m going to go get a new tire and try again with him.

Yesterday, I worked and then went up to LA to see a play with Dustin. I knew he was going to be there way early because he had this interview, so I figured I’d go up and hang out with him early so that way he wasn’t bored in walking around downtown by himself.. It’d also give me a chance to talk to him about the situation… Anyways, I was planning on leaving at 5, get there by 6:30… 7 at the latest… With traffic and all that.

But then I got bored at work and left at 4, amazingly there was like NO traffic, so I was there at 5:15… I called him, no answer. I figure maybe he’s still in his interview or something, no big deal. So I sit down and read my book for an hour and then call him again…. No Answer. So now I start to get annoyed. I mean he KNEW I was coming up at some point. What if I was horribly lost or something.

So I keep reading my book… And I finially see him standing over by a coffee cart at like a little before 7… I was right in the middle of a chapter, so I finished that up and took my book back to my car and then went around to meet him. By this point, I was REALLY pissed, both at his failure to answer his phone, lots of other random things throughout the day, and also saddened by seeing him for the first time since the message…. So I walk up to him and am pretty bitchy. He says he forgot his phone at the office….

Now, I know I really have no right to be mad at him for not answering his phone, I mean he had no idea I was coming up so early, but when I make the effort to come up and be nice to hang out with him some before hand, it just really frustrates me when things don’t go as planned…

Well, ok.. It pisses me the hell off when things don’t go as I have planned… I’m bitchy like that, what can I say.

Anyways, so we go into the play. The Black Rider . It was REALLY good. The lighting, stage direction, and set were AMAZING. The acting and singing were great, and the story… Although hard to follow at times, was very good. I highly suggest eveyone go see it… Tickets were only $20!

During intermission, Dustin smoked… I walked out on him for that. (Well walked away from him back into the theater). I can’t believe he does that. :'(

After the play I drove back to his place and we had a good chat before going to bed… I kept wanting to bring up the message, but was always just too scared to get into it. Ugh. He leaves Friday to go back home for a while…

Today I’m working in Santa Monica, oh the joys. I’ve had like 3 hours of sleep. ::yawn:: Tonight I have to be back by 4 because people are coming over to buy my desk! Yay for $50! 🙂

I added up the moving costs yesterday as well… So far it’s cost me a grand total of $1600 to fucking move 40 miles! And my cell phone bill is going to be well over $100 this month… When I usually pay only $45.

Adios. Y’all!


One Year ago, I posted a thing about my e-mail… So I thought I’d do the same for this year. 🙂

May 1-31: 7,777

Jan 1 – Today: 27,025

How much of that do I actually read? Not very much! 🙂

Also check out my myspace for a sexy new pic!!

2 thoughts on “The Black Rider..”

  1. Going to this play with Dustin probably was not a good time to bring up the message thing. If you really want to get to the bottom of it you should say something to him before he goes home.

    Just ask him whats up with that message you sent me. This way you know exactly where you stand.

    And great picture too!!!

  2. Sadly, I won’t have a chance to talk to him before he leaves. But I think that once we were back at his place it would have been fine to bring it up.

    I know where he stands, I just wish that it weren’t such a stupid reason. Ugh!

    Thanks.. I really enjoy that pic as well. 🙂

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