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So… I might be going to Germany in June.

You might all remember that I mentioned my cousin and I talking about a trip there over Christmas. Well she FINIALLY e-mailed me back yesterday about it. She’s still trying to line up the funding and is going to be taking out a student loan to go. haha. However she needs someone to co-sign and her parents refuse.

So, it’s probably not going to happen. Though I REALLY want it too.. I mean, hello, free room and board, a free translator, and someone who knows the area! How sweet would that be! She wants to go for 2-3 weeks, but I could only pull off 1 max… Who knows.

Yesterday was so productive, yet unproductive. I got up and worked and found some php-upload programs. Then I went out shopping about 10 and bought a bunch of stuff for the cats and some food and then got my hair cut.

It’s so wierd that the guy there ALWAYS remembers me. Last year I spent $80 on hair cuts, which means I went once every 2.5 months. And I didn’t ALWAYS go to this guy. Anyways, he’s this short little asian guy and it’s just wierd. But he does a good job and it’s cheap. 🙂

I ended up spending like $150 yesterday which sucks. Blah damn cats are expensive sometimes!

Came home and worked some more, downloaded Sims 2 University and Nightlife, Rollercoast Tycoon 3, and Worms Arm / 3D. I fell a sleep about 3 and woke up again at 7. And then spent the night sitting around playing the Sims2.

Today will probably be more of the same!


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