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Perfect Square

Umm, so I did have the surgery last night… The doctor lady was VERY nice and when she found out that the last doc didn’t give me anything for the pain she was all like.. “Awww, you poor thing!” It was so funny.

It only took like 20 minutes, but I was there for over an hour, because they had to wait for the pain killer to wear off a bit so that I could walk. It was so wierd, cause my whole back / spine was numb. lol.

She said that if it ever happens again, to call her directly and she’ll get me in faster. Because the earlier you get in the less pain the surgery is and obviously you’re not in all the pain from it.

BTW, now that it’s all over, basically what happened was an infected lump of fat near my spine, as it grew, it caused lots of pressure thus the pain.

It was VERY minor, they cut is only about a half inch, if even.

I stayed home from work today… But I’m still working on a project called CliWeb! Internal name only. 🙂 It’s gonna be fun.

So after I didn’t want to drive home and be stuck in traffic, so I went and bought a new pair of jeans at Hollister.. I actually fit into a 32×32!! So that’s exciting…

I _JUST_ got off the phone with Austin, I guess he’s going out of town at noon today and then going up to San Fran area for the week… So I guess that means the invite it out of the question.. Sad, I was kinda hoping to ask him about it today and maybe go with, but oh well… I bet he’ll have fun up north.


Ok, I’m back, got distracted by my cats, they are being crazy lovey lately. I have to go out today and get the more food and litter and to get my hair cut.

Adios yall.

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