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RoadTrip! (EDITED!!! Now with Pics)

Edit:// Pics from this weekend here.

So I did probably one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done this weekend. I invited a guy I had never met before out to go hiking out in the palm springs area (Up the tram).

But, anyways. Back to where we last left out…. Anyways, Friday was a boring ass day at work. I had some minor things to do, nothing exciting. Things were going slow at work for some reason, damn network issues or something like that. Not sure, anyways, I got NOTHING done because of that. I left early again so that Iw ouldn’t miss my packages, but they ended up not getting there till 5 anyways. So I did my bike ride and all that anyways. And did some more work at home.

The damn cat just threw up AGAIN! This time that bitch is NOT going to the fucking vet.

Anyways, I hung out with Robert on friday night, we watched this movie called ‘Everyone’. Horrible MOVIE! Though there was one hot boy and one boy we couldn’t decide if he was hot or not. lol. But I couldn’t be brought to turn it off because I wanted to know how it ended! lol.

After the movie we talked for a while and then he left. Saturday I got up and couldn’t bring myself to do my laundry cause I was too lazy. I just wanted to get out. So I went on my bike ride. On the way out though I saw these two women and a bunch of kids in scout uniforms, so I went up to them and introduced myself and got a phone number of a local scout troop that could use some help. So I gotta call that guy.

Did my bike ride and went a lot further back there I usually do, it gets really pretty. Came home and showered and talked to this guy Austin for a while online, then he said he was going to go shower, so I went to best buy because I somehow ended up with two DVD’s of Star Wars I, so I traded one in for a III. 🙂

One the way there and back though I just thought that I had to get out of the OC for a day and get to the country… So I decided to go up to the Mount out by Palm Springs. I had told Austin that I wanted to hang out too, so when I got back I invited him and to my surprise he said he would go!

So I called my aunt and uncle to let them know I’d be in the area and they asked that we stop by when we were done and do dinner with them at the Club, which meant we had to bring some nice clothes.

Austin got here at 1, and we went up to subway, grabbed a quick bit to eat, and then headed out. While we were talking though at Subway we found out that we both know someone from Iowa! It’s very random!

We headed out to Palm Springs and made really good time, got up to the top of the tram and walked around for about 2 hours. Got some great pics, which I’ll hopefully get up on the photodump soon. We had a really good time, he was very nice and we had a lot to talk about. And have a lot of the same ideals about people inthe OC. It was pretty funny.

After that we headed over to my aunt and uncles house and changed then we went to the Club house. Of course you HAVE to have a drink there, so I got an apple martini! Yum yum… And then… Well I had another. lol.

And then.. I had a glass of wine. Needless to say, there was NO way we were driving home that night. So we stayed at thier house. I have to say, I didn’t get shit for sleep last night. 🙁 But it was nice to have someone to lay next to in bed. He also gave me a really nice back rub. 🙂

So we got up this morning, ate breakfast and then drove back to the OC. Hung out here a bit while we downloaded the pics and got them sent to him at his house, and then he went home.

… So, in short, I had a really good weekend and hopefully Austin and I will become some good friends. Time will tell. Seems we might be going camping sometime.

Speaking of which though, I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not, but my on call week was changed from my birthday weekend to the weekend before. So I think I’m going to be going camping the weekend of my birthday. I WAS thinking channel islands, but that seems like too much work for camping by myself, since you have to pack everything in. So now I’m thinknig Anzo.

Yep, and that’s been my weekend!

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lol, Yeah, it was really pretty up there…

I had wished we could have found a better place to catch the sunset, but as it was the mountians were in the way on the other side and the sunset wasn’t very good.

Sometimes you get a feeling and know when you’ve met a kindred spirit and things go well. Its nice without having all the bullshit that people put you through to just get along with someone. fuck those oc’ers.


Fuck those oc’ers is right. You’re a cool guy and I’m glad we get along so well. 🙂

I hope that I don’t fuck things up with you, and i’ll be sad if you get that job in DC. 🙁

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