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Austin … Blake?

Ok, so wow…

Austin… I dunno what to think.. I had an amazing time with him this weekend, we talked and talked and talked the whole time pretty much. And we’ve got a lot of the same ideals, and thoughts and we’re in the same field which is cool. He just really kinda surprised me from what I was expecting.

He’s kinda gay sounding/acting, but yet he seemed to be all about camping and outdoors and shit like that which is cool, plus he was all cute as hell!

So, I have to admit that we didn’t just sleep either… In bed, we cuddled so much and it was so adorable. He kept asking if he could fuck me, and I told him no. But he went to the bathroom and I was so horny that I thought I could finish before he got back, but I couldn’t so he came and cuddled with me while I jacked off and then later on int he night he did the same (jacked off and I cuddled with him). But we never made out. Little kisses here and there like on the back of the neck and stuff. I dunno what to think about how that went. It was way past what I was expecting would ever happen. He seemed ok with it all though.

Blake… Oh, we had a lot to talk about about him. Just getting another person’s presepective has really made me think twice about everything he’s said and how much I really trust him anymore. I just don’t know what to think/say about him now. Like I’ve always had this little bit of untrust towards him because he won’t tell me where he lives or his phone number, etc. And there’s just all these other things. But I’m not sure. I have to continue trusting him till he DOES something to make me untrust him.

But yeah, that’s it.

I hope that Austin and I will become some good friends.

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