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Blake Blake Blake Blake!

So Blake has informed me that I have to talk about Blake every day on my blog. Haha. Anyways, today I actually do have something to say about him! So here goes:

We had a really long chat last night. He’s up in Sacramento at a specialist and was feeling like shit, so we talked on Skype for like 3 hours last night. And then talked on AIM for about another hour or so. And he admitted just how much he likes me. 😀

He also sent me some good music, but it’s depressing.

At work yesterday I really didn’t do too much. I’m getting to the point in this program where it’s taking me an hour or two to track down small little problems. So Even though I am working.. I tend to sit here and just stare at my computer screen for hours trying to figure out what’s going on. For example. I have a grouping of Variables. IE APACHENODE-0,-1,-2 ETC. And it set the first one just fine, but if I went and set the second on, it would set the second one to the value of the first one and if I set the third one, it would use the value of the second one. I eventually figured out that the problem was that I had an SQL statement inside an IF statement when it should have been BEFORE the IF. So yeah. That got fixed. Now I have to figure out why the you can select check boxes, but you can’t unselect them! Grrr. Current line count of this project though is just over 4,000 lines. 🙁

I also got 5 phone calls last night in the middle of the night. Thankfully I put my phone on silent before I went to bed and had it set so that it would only make noise when I got a txt message. I was very annoyed that they kept calling because I’m NOT ON CALL! Damn people learn how to read a calendar!

There’s a lot going on next weekend that I want to go to. On the 17th I have three things already… There’s The Laramie Project, The Pacific Symphony, and the guy’s party from work. Sadly Blake! (Are you happy yet, is that enough references for you?) Doesn’t want to go with me. 🙁 Jerk… haha, no he’s already got plans.

I know this actualy happened a few days ago, but apple announced the iPod Nano on Wed… It’s AMAZING! I so want one! But I dunno what I’d do with it, I mean my iPod holds all my music so yeah.

Family guy’s first episode is being postponed simply because they reference hurricanes… This really annoys me. Yeah, it’s sad that the shit in LA happened. But if people can’t understand that this is a joke then they can just fucking deal with it. My god people! Get over it.

Also, how the hell did I miss a tornado on the ISU campus? I’m sad!

I haven’t talked to andrew in days… And honestly I’m doing much better (As you can all probably tell)… I’m still pissed at him and still sad about the outcome… But I guess it’s what was meant to happen. So yeah. It’ll take time to be completly over him and to not be pissed at him anymore.

Umm, yes. Adios!

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ack database error! ok it’s fine now, nm.

you guys sound so cute together! so blake’s name showed up 7 times in this post. blake, you better be happy (hope you’re feeling better too)!

anyway, i used to turn my phone off just so i didn’t have to deal with my boss till i get to the office. sad thing is he chewed me up for that. “you really should learn how to keep your phone on!” he said. sigh.

oh and i love the iPod nano too! i just saw it in a commercial and it looks great. now i feel my iPod mini is sooo obsolete.

Yeah, for some reason I’ve been getting a lot of database errors today.. I dunno what’s going on there.. I tired connecting to the DB from the admin interface a while ago and it made me enter my password like 100 times! Perhaps they are just working on something.

Since I’m technically on call all the time for the UK helpdesk now, I can’t turn my phone off. But thankfully I have the ability to silence incoming calls and not silence txts. Because the UK only txts me. They don’t call.

But it’s still just annoying that people can’t take 10 seconds to load the online calendar to find out who really is on call. Rather then just calling the first person they can think of.

We’ve been talking about getting a pager though. So that would be helpful. At least that way we don’t have to give out our cell phone numbers. 🙂

And the mini is so obsolete now! The nano is actually THINNER then the mini is! And it’s the same height.. Just a little wider!

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