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So I just had an interview with this place in WDM as a Technical Analyst.

As I was interviewing she kept asking me all these things about like what I hate about my job now and what I like most.

I had a hell of a time thinking ofthings I don’tlike about my job. I mean there’s certian PEOPLE I don’t like.. But now I’m no longer dealing with them on a daily basis. So I can live. I really do enjoy the job. I just wish it were somewhere else.

I’ve also been thinking about that… Well, actually I was talking to jed this morning… I think I need a place for a whole new start. Somewhere that has no meories. OC has Andrew, DM has Andew and the rest of my life. I need somewhere fresh.

He also confirmed my opinions about issue 1 (Umm, I guess that was posted in a private entry, but basicaly I shouldn’t let it stop me).

That is all.

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