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Morbid Gma

My grandma is SO MORBID!

I just got this e-mail from her… Here is a small part of it:

chool election is next week and I will be sitting on the board unless we have a funeral. Have not had many so far this year and most others around have not had many either. Will probably be a real surge when it starts. There are several around the area that are not good and just holding on. Hope we get through election before anything happens.

“a real surge”… OMG!


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the real surge is because your grandmother is going to kill everyone, and in a year or two she will be on trial for genoside. How do you think she is going to get on the board

She is right Chris. I work in an old people home and they always die in threes. We have 5 gone right now and we are just waiting for number 6. All within 2 weeks. The home only holds like 90 residents.

That’s because everyone in Lenox is older than dirt. It’s more surprising when no one dies than it is when they die.

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