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Wrecker Exotics

On one level I feel sorry for these people… But really I don’t.

Umm, I’ve gotten so much done already today and it’s only 1:00!!

I got up about 7, wondered around the house a bit and then went out for a two hour walk. i went from here to starbucks at the corner of Alicia and Pacific Park, then down the street to the starbucks at the corner of Pacific Park and La Paz. Then went to Stater Bros and had breakfast, then went to Target on my quest for a black pot. I ended up buying two new pairs of headphones. My good pair broke the other day and I don’t like the pair I have at work. So I bought these, one for work and one for my workout bag.

They also have my favorite Halloween candy out, so I had to buy some of that!

From there I walked down to Home Depot, still looking for a black pot.. They didn’t have one either. Though I did find a dark red one I liked.. However they only had one, and no matching base. Jerks.

From there I walked up to Wal-Mart, still no black pot and then back home. After I got home I watched the third Harry Potter movie. Which I actually liked.

That just got over a bit ago and I just finished a really good hamburger. It’s half hamburger, half turkey burger. With a shot of Jack Daniels, a shot of Worcestershire and a shot of balsamic vinegar. And then a little fresh ground black pepper, a little garlic and then just a tad bit of onion powder… Then after you cook them put a little cheese on top, and some mayo (or ranch) and some ketchup…. They are amazing!

So yeah, now I have nothing to do for the rest of the day though. Blah!

OH, I had a HORRIBLE dream last night, I dreamt that GG died.. I was so sad! I woke up and thought it really had happened and nearly called my parents. I was so scared. Speaking of her though.. I feel so bad about that all. I mean she’s already sold off or given away pretty much everything she has. There’s very little left. And I really love the woman, she’s always been really cool. But I know that when she dies, I probably won’t get anything to remember her by. Mainly because her Grandkids are whores. IE Pam. I can almost bet you that stupid bitch will take everything that’s left.

Same thing with my GmaS.. I doubt I’ll get anything from her. And my parents have already sold off thier share of the farm… So I’m not going to get anything there either. I’m glad though that my G&G have gone through thier house with everyone and let us pick out one thing…

Though we all know what EVERYONE will be fighting for there.. The noodle spoon and noodle bowl! lol. Though I really also want to get some of my Gpa’s Guns… They’re so nice, and I have a lot of memories there with him because we used to always go out shooting with him.

Adios yall!

PS, I forgot… BLAKE BLAKE BLAKE! haha.

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Sounds like you had a good walk today.

I know what you mean by getting anything from your grandparents. When my grandmother moved into a nursing home (she could not live by herself anymore) one of my aunts and her two sons went to her apartment and took all the furniture including the bedroom stuff as well.

When my mom got their she was a little upset, but while they were out with their furniture she got the best thing of all in her eyes, all the pictures from them growing up as well as all of the grandkids pictures growing up. But that aunt that took all the stuff is very, very well to do and her sons are millioniares and that is the way they always act. They only think of themselves.

So that kind of ripped the family apart somewhat and that aunt and another do not speak to each other including my one uncle. It’s too bad that people have to be that way.

Yeah, it was probably a good two miles or so… I should do it more often, but I don’t have 2 hours to waste every day! I barly have 45 minutes for the gym that I go to!

Family sucks. That’s why I feel when you should have a Will that breaks down EVERYTHING to the last penny. So that you can decide who gets what! None of this shit of family fighting over things.

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