So today I was bored as hell and started copying all my comments from LiveJournal over to here. Because I’m obsessed with things being in one location! I copied like 50 today, and still have a lot more to go!

As I was doing this I noticed that a lot of the link counters were up int he 20-30 click range… Which is just strange because usually by the time a link leaves the front page they are only at 5-7 links… So it’s like WHO is going back and clicking these links so many tme?

The last thing is that Wed the normal evening guy was off so the morning guy covered for him… When I came in Thursady morning, there were only 3 unread e-mails! Yeah… 3!!!! So why is it that the NORMAL Evening guy can NEVER leave fewer then 30 unread e-mails?



I also read a thing on a blog about how getting a 9-5 desk job sucks and how it’s where american economy has driven us all because that’s where the money is. And it’s so true and so annoying. I would love to be a professional scout or something like that, but there’s no money there! NO MONEY and it sucks, because i don’t want to be stuck in a cube all my life. Blah.

I’m going to write a thing… maybe I’ll post it here later.


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  1. wow someone is being anal! j/k! anyway good luck!

    as for the 9-5 job.. a siesta would be great, right? i could have really used one this afternoon. the thought of being stuck in a cubicle just kills.. i don’t want to wake up someday when i’m 40 and realise that i haven’t done anything else aside from sitting in a cubicle staring at the screen all day.

    we should do that harry potter porno.

    “quit poking me with your wand harry!!”


  2. I’m an anal person… what can I say!

    A siesta would be good.. But I really think that companies should allow employees to take time off (And be reimbursed) to do jobs which are “for the good”.. IE, working at religious camps, scout camps, etc. My job at mitigwa payed about 1/10th of what I make now, so obviously it’s implausable for people to take unpaid time off to do these sorts of jobs.. Hence why they should be reimbursed time off from the employees company.

    Then of course we get into problems of where do you draw the line at “for the good” jobs… Every empolyer should be allowed to set thier own standards.

    I think it would help, because there’s so many people out there, that would be awesome summer camp staff that just can’t because they have a “real” job. And the camp kids suffer because they get lower quality (IE teenage) camp staff.

    Porn? Sounds fun right now… but that could just be the jager talking!

  3. i remember reading an article yesterday about students employed at some mcdonald’s restaurants being allowed to do homework while being on the clock (link). I thought it was cool how the owners cared about the welfare of their employees. It’s not exactly being allowed to do ‘for the good’ jobs but it’s headed in the right direction. anyway i work for a company that only has 3 other people in it aside from myself so i doubt i can take the time off to do other stuff.

    not just porn… harry potter porn! gawd there must be this big “L” on my forehead right now.

    i definitely need to get drunk tonight!

  4. Wells Fargo baby-you have to apply for volunteer leave, there’s a limited number of slots, but you’re still a paid employee out doing good for up to 6 months at a time.

  5. Ok, so as much as I HATE WF as a bank… it seems like they’re a good place to work for… no?

    Even though they are a bit anal about what you do and don’t do on company time. lol.

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