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So I’ve finished quicksilver…

Lets just say that I wasn’t as impressed as I was with Crypto.

But I want to finish the series… Only about 2,000 more pages to go! haha!

I have to go buy the other books now.. Blah.

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You actually liked Quicksilver? Compared to Cryptonomicon, Quicksilver blew goats. Mysoginistic, rambling, long-winded (moreso than any of his other books), and confusing, it made me have no interest in finishing the trilogy.

Sorry… “wasn’t as impressed” means that I didn’t like it.

But yet I want to know what the hell happens… So i want to finish the series.

I know I’m wierd like that.

so i HAVE my schedule for the fair. once i get the final schedule (sunday nite) i am going to sit down with MY schedule and YOUR schedule and figure out exactly when we can get together. so late sunday nite i will let you know!

i cant wait.

your number hasnt changed, correct?

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