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Welcome Chris and Ty

Well apparently the roommates have been reading my Journal. So Welcome to them.

However, it appears there is need to go back over what a blog is and what the point of this is.

A blog, is an open space for me to write my feelings/rants/annoyance/happyness/etc. The writings on here are for public interpertation and whom ever reads it can and will read it. If there’s something on here which you find offensive and derogatory, you can nicely ask me and I will politely tell you that I have the free speech to put what I want here. 🙂

The world who reads this comes for the interesting tale of the life of a gay boy who moved from Iowa to Sothern California. They come here not for gossip about who I’m living with/fucking/making out with or for the latest news of the world. But for the pure entertainment value and hopefully some form of educational value, in the times when I write something semi-educational.

Again, a blog is the equivilent of private journal, which has been opened to the public for thier needs to read and enjoy…

Now, back to what was happening this weekend before I got stolen away from my desk yesterday….

Anyways, we came down to the Laguna area and looked at a few places and I found some really nice apartments that I really liked. Went to CoCo’s for supper and then took Andrew back to Chapman, played some Video games and then I headed home to hang out with everyone. We did that, and now it’s been so long that I can’t rember what we did. Though I know it was fun and exciting!

OH, I do remember buying halloween candy at Wal-Mart.

Sunday was a day of rest, as it should be. I spent the day in bed tell 4ish when I finallly got up and then went and did some stuff and just generally hung around.

Before leaving I left Ty the 1/3 of utilities which I owe.

Went to work and that was hellish/exciting all at the same time. All the sites went down at some point or another in the morning hours and the OnCall SA didn’t have his blackberry on, so I had to call the other one and wake him. I felt back. But he’s switching to OnCall this week then.

Jon came annd stole me at 6am yesterday and took me for a drive. We went over to the SBC Communications building which is fucking awesome! I couldn’t beleive the security in that place, and I asked Jon what we pay per month for there and it was insane!

Anyways, we talked about my future with the company and said that I want to go into the SA path of a career. He said I need to start working on Cisco certs then. I should get one level per month. I went out and bought a book for the CCNA exam. Hopefully by the end of Dec I’ll have that. 🙂

So that was about the only good thing that happened all yesterday.

And since Sunday at noon, I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep.

I get home and there’s a note on my door saying, “Chirs this is the wrong amount, please pay the correct amount by monday.” I wrote on there, “Ty, this is the corrrect amount if Chris is going to continue living here and using Utilities.” And I taped it back to thier dooor. Tried going to bed, but I couldn’t because I was way too pissed off about a lot of things, so I went and showered.

Came out and Ty comes up to me and says, “We need to talk.” I tell him that he doesn’t want to talk to me unless he wants a black-eye. And go into my room and shut the door. Get dressed and go to leave. He trys talking to me anyways, and brings up this website. (IE the reason for the refresher on the discliamer). And I get even more pissed off at him.

He claims I never clean. I do clean, not my fault he can’t look and tell that. Just like the other night when I spent an hour after cooking supper cleaning the kitchen and he comes out 30 minutes and continues to re-clean it. Even though it was ALREADY CLEAN. This including the MANY other times which I’ve cleaned up after them, and done many other things to clean. AND all the times which JonJOn cleans our apartment.

He then went on to say that the parking pass is in “his” share of the rent…Umm, excuse me? When I moved in, he stated and I have it in writing that the pass was a shared item. Which it hasn’t been for weeks now. He also claims that the pass costs him an extra $100 a month, or some outrageous thing like that. Anyways, I went today and asked for a copy of the lease and it said nothing about an extra fee for the parking pass. Which is where this “fee” would have to be included if he is in fact paying it.

Also, when he gave me a the bill for the utilities this month he included a price for Water and trash… Which FYI, he stated before I moved in that… “Water and Trash pickup are included in the rent.” And that’s a direct quote from his e-mail…. Also in his e-mail he stated that HE pays for the home phone line, and offers that the roommate can use it, and pay for it. However, I DO NOT use it, nor do I WANT to use it… But I pay for it.

Another utilities based thing, it is against california law for the “landlord” in this case Ty, because I’m sub-leasing from him and paying HIM rent to cut off any utilities which I need to function and or do my work. Well today when I got home, I was unable to access the Wireless network. It said my computer was unauthorized. This either means something got really fucked up (Which is highly unlikely because it’s been working without a hitch in 6 months) or Ty has changed the WEp password or disallowed my MAC address… Again, another instance of him breaking California law, since this is a utility which I pay for, and was un-duely cut off… If in fact this is the case about what happened… Which I beleive it is, because I saw him using his computer wirelessly today.

Lets, see other things he’s done wrong…. The apartment complex doesn’t know about the cats. (An additional deposit and monthly fee). He states in one of his e-mails that “It is required by law and the state of California that any person over the age of 18 must sign on to a lease if they will be living in the apartment.”… Chris is technically LIVING in our apartment, is over the age of 18, and Ty has stated that Chris is paying RENT. HOWEVER, Chris is NOT on the lease agreement. Thus Ty is breaking California law.

I called up my lawyer, who thus put me on conf with a nice team of rental property lawyers, and we had a nice 2 hours discussion today. I faxed them copies of my lease with the property owners and my copy of my arrangement with Ty (the written e-mails). He said that since I had a pre-arranged contact with Ty before the lease with the property owner was signed. So thus the lease with Ty has precedence over my lease with the property owner and I can thus break the lease with the property owner at any time.

There’s many other things which my lawyer and I discussed and it seems that I can get out of all leases with Ty. However, I’ve choosen to be nice about it and offer to continue to pay though Mid-December, even though I’m moving out on Saturday. I also have choosen not to bring up all of these areas where Ty is breaking california law, as well as all the places where our property owner could immediately break off the lease complety and evict him.

Anyways, needless to say, I didn’t sleep at all today and spent the day on the phone/looking for apartments. I found a really nice one and have put down my reserve for it. I can move in on Saturday if everything goes well.

Tonight was long and lots of yelling. Though I did get in a nice 3 hour nap. I could use some more sleepy time.

Well, I’ve written enough. So…

Laters all.

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I forgot to mention this, since I spent so much time on that whole roommate thing…

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 298 Bush 231

GO KERRY! I Can’t beleive that at this time tomorrow we should know who our new president will be. 🙂 I hope its someone good.

Also international polls are prediction Kerry a winner as well. Too bad international people can’t vote in our policits.

For what it’s worth…my journal was the reason my last room mate got into a fight that resulted in me having to move out.

Tread carefully.

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