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Sites DOWN!!

Well this morning has been interesting. I’ve been on the phone with the SA’s since 3:30 this morning. 5 sites down so far, and more to come. Apparently one of the cold backup scripts fucked up (Due to some DNS changes, and things timing out), and all the sites will go down at some point or another, but there’s no way to stop it tell it happens. Then we just have to take corrective action after it’s already down.

This weekend was really good, and it seemed much longer then a normal weekend. Friday I hung out at Old Navy with Nikki and Lauren tell JonJon and Nichole (sp?) got off work. Then we hung around and had a jolly old time.

Saturday I got up and hung out, then went up to Chapman and picked up Andrew and we went apartment hunting. Started in Newport Beach and worked our way south. Found a really nice Loft style apartment up in Newport beach, like literly just down the street from my office and like .5 miles from the beach. But I don’t think I want to move up to that area. I like it down in South OC, well like it as much as I can like this horrible area. Worked our way south on PCH and stopped at a few which were WAy out of my price range. (Lofts starting at $1800). Though the two bedroom there was like $2,000. Which if I could find a roomie I could stand would be a nice place to live (IE ocean views, and on the ocean side of PCH).

Came down to Laguna area, and…..

Jon is stealing me. Gotta go.

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