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10 Minutes, and free cable!

So, as stated yesterday. Ty is a fucking dumbass.

I called the Cable company today, and after using a bit of social engineering. (you were supposed to have the last 4 of his social), 8 minutes of hold, and a total of 10 minutes on the phone. I got Free Standard basic calbe installed on the other two tv ports in the apartment.

Yeah, who said it could be done? That’s right, me… Who was RIGHT! Yet again! ME! Gee ! 🙂

Here’s a list of things to do with Nikki In Iowa so far:


Java Joe’s

Hu Hot

Biagis or Centro — Which one?

Jordan Creek

Reimen (Butterfles – With Oksana, I hope she’ll be in town!)

Fleur Cinema

Skywalks – Art Center?

The Christmas holiday light thing…. The one KCCI talks about every year.

Anyone else have anything fun to do to show people how much fun Iowa is?! 😀

Alight, gotta go. It’s been a busy night here… The phone is actually RINGING!

Laters all!

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Save some extra time for Jordan Creek. I’ve been there a couple of times with special friends.It’s really fun just to walk around the lake in the evening!

YAY! Oksana is going to be around. We’re going to pary and drink and have hot hot sex… Just for good old times sake!


Laters all.

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