My Life


Had a great weekend.

Cooked GMAs Noodles. Yummy!

WEnt shopping a lot.

Re-arranged room.

Car shopping, which is always fun. And dreaming about a BMW M3.

Amazingly I can afford a Z4.

Getting lost trying to find the lexus dealer and ending up on a dead-end in the middle of a water treatment plant.

Hanging with everyone again for the first time in what seems like forever.

For some reason missing Scott B… We were talking about giant scarves.

Going fabric shopping and trying to learn knitting.

Trying to find curtains for my room.

Buying water fountians.


Cub Scouts and pop-corn sales!

Stupid video game… Silent Hill 4: The Room

Yelling at Ty about cable TV. — He claims that you can’t get “basic” cable service from cox anymore… Even though the website CLEARLY STATES THAT YOU CAN.

Umm, lots of other stuff too… Really fun weekend! 🙂

Laters all.

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