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Tamper-evident dispensing closure

Ok, so you know those little paper things that go around your napkins/forks at a resturant?

Well we were at Rubys today and noticed there was a patent number on it…

So we looked it up..

“A tamper-evident dispensing closure system is provided for a container. The system has a body for extending from the container at the container opening. The body defines a dispensing orifice, a channel, and a retention member projecting over a portion of the channel. The system includes a lid for being moved between a closed position and an open position. An anchor member is provided for being received in the channel and has an engaging portion for engaging the retention member when the anchor member is received in the channel. At least one frangible web initially connects the anchor member with the lid so that the frangible web breaks when the lid is initially lifted from the closed position.”

Umm, all of that for a fucking PAPER RING!

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