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So I’m trying to find a feed of the debate since I missed it tonight. MSNBC has it, but when I try to do it on my mac, it says it’s not supported. When I do it on windows it constantly crashes the browser. Fucking Microsoft.

Anyways, so I found this list of all the parties and people running. One of them is in the political party… “Turtle”

Umm. This is one fucked up guy….

*Annex Mexico as 51st State;

*Eliminate all federal taxes

*Elecction day as national holiday (Wee, that’d be cool)

*Change Space Discovery to NationalGlobal Defnse by introducing Quad Space Bases in the Eight Sectors of planet Earth.

*Total elimination of prison sentences for non-violent crime convictions; allowing magistrate to encorporate the convicted into the 100 new prison cities to be built into The Correctional Institutions at State Levels.


Check them out there’s some pretty crazy shit on there.


laters all.

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