My HUGE Cat!

Look what my PU’s did to my poor pussy back home!

My Kitty!

It’s so sad that he’s so gigantic!

Anyways, this weekend has been tons of fun, and I’ve been sleeping lots.

Lets see, Friday night I hung out with Andrew. We went to this really good resturant down here. I forget what it’s called. But it was really good. I had a chicken ceaser salad, but the lettuce was huge and it was really hard to eat. And I really didn’t like it all that much. But it was still Yummy chicken and filled me up a lot! 🙂

After that we drove, and he surprised me with RENT Tickets. Which was really nice of him! Cause I’ve been wanting to see that again forever! 😉 We got REALLY great Seats. Row N! It was hot! I love that show, I really want to go see it again!

RENT was so sad though. I completely forgot how moving the second half of it is. I cried through most of it.

We went and got autographs after wards. I have to get something to frame them in. One of the guys, while we were standing there talking to him kept holding my arm and stuff. It was great. 🙂

From there we headed back to my place and watched this really stupid gay movie… He left after that and I hung around the apartment playing video games and such.

Had a really great time with Andrew Friday and I hope that our friendship can become as strong as it used to be. I really want that. And his bid to stop being so over analysing is a good step. I’m glad for that. I still love him and no matter what happens. I want him in my life for a long time to come. 🙂

Saturday I hung out with JonJon all day. Had a really great time as well. We went on a quest to get me some plants and that was lots of fun!… Got a bunch of bulbs and planted them in a planter. It’s going to be really hot once they all bloom. Some all black, some all purple and some black and purple. It’s going to be great! I can’t wait!

Also picked up my dad’s christmas/birthday present. I think maybe it’ll just be a B-day present.

After that we hung out and planted everything. Then Ty’s Fam showed up so JonJon and I retreated into my room and we sat there and talked for a couple hours about random shit. After that we headed over to girls house where we all had a great time. I drank, for the first time in a large group. I’ll have to admit that I drank way to fast… And I was out of it on the couch pretty early. JonJon tells me there’s lots of pics of me out on the couch. lol. I’m excited yet scared to see this pics of me. lol. Again. I wish what I hadn’t drank so fast, because I wanted to have a good hang out night. But I just slept, which is also good because I’ve been needing that lately.

JonJon and I left about 1:30 and came back to my place. I then slept from about 2ish am tell 5pm. When I finally got up and headed up to Chapman.

We watched showgirls which is the DUMBEST fucking movie ever! I hated it greatly. We then played FFX-2. Which is way fun!

Came into work about 1am and that’s what i’m doing now….

Laters all.

3 thoughts on “My HUGE Cat!”

  1. Holy god…is that “Elvis”…or whatever they named it?!?

    Hard to believe I pulled that monster from the wheelwell of a car!

  2. Yep. That’s elvis.. Stupid fucking name… I’m going to steal him and re-name him someday!

    Isn’t he gy-normis!

    Laters yo!

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