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Does He Know

I think JonJon is going to tell me he loves me…. Or maybe that he’s falling in love with me. I don’t know what to do.

He sent me a txt tonight that said…”And I kinda think I have something to tell u later to that i’m really hoping isnt too early for u to hear”… What else could that be?

I’m just not sure what I should do about that situation. I was really hoping to get a chance to talk to him this weekend about that because i’ve been getting a feeling that that might be happening. I was hoping to talk to him while I was drunk. I had it all planned out. Drink a little hang out at my house and talk about it all.

I was going to tell him that I loved him as a friend and that things were going great in our relationship, but I just didn’t feel anything much stronger then a friendship with him because of his smoking and financial situation. Which honestly is a big hold up. He’s a GREAT person and I could honestly have a great relationship with him. If it weren’t for those two things. I honestly could.

He’s so wonderful, and he’s so much fun to hang out with, and hes responsive. Though sometimes I get annoyed because it seems like he doesn’t want to hear about my days and such. But he’s really great and I really do like him….

But only as a friend.

I’m going to give it some more time. But we’ll see where that goes to. I do know that I told him how much I hated his smoking last night while I was drunk.

Anyways, laters all.

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