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SuperSize THIS

Today was lots of fun. Got up about 2:30, 3ish and JonJon came over. We headed up to Chapman area to hit the pawn shops.

Did that for a while and no one would pay good money for his swords. Which are REALLY cool looking. He decided that he didn’t want to sell them, but I told him that if he ever needed any money again, that I’d buy them from him. So that’s cool. 🙂 Though I would have to do some research on them to find out about them before I shell out too much for them.

Anyways, did that for a while and then hit dinner cause neither of us had eaten all day. So we were starving.

After dinner we hit some stores around Old Towne Orange and found some really cool shit. Nothing was purchased though. After that we hit up the Main Place mall for a bit and then finally headed over to the movie. SuperSizeME!

Such a great fucking movie. Everyone should go and check it out. Though I doubt you’ll be able to find it playing anywhere anymore. It’s coming out on DVD in September though. 🙂

After the movie I called Andrew a few times so that those two could finally meet. But he never answered his phone. I didn’t realize his class didn’t get out tell 9:50. I thought he had said 9:30. Oh well. 🙁

Anyways, JonJon and I headed back to my apartment area when he decided he was hungry. So we stopped into Dennys. There were only TWO people working in the entire fucking place… Serving that is, I assume there were people working in the kitchen as well. 😛 Anyways, we got seated next to this really stupid group of people, though one of them was hot.

Well this group told the waiter that one of them was diabetic and then the waiter was being snappy back at them cause the guy was saying it just to be a jackass and the whole table was being mean and shit. And then the boy got mean back and yeah. It was just really stupid. But then like 10 minutes later he was re-telling the story to that table. It’s like, “HELLO! You were all sitting there when it happened, why are you retelling it” and he didn’t even retell what happened correct.

So we got out of there pretty fast and then went back to my place where I saw the roomie for the first time in forever. Anyways, he was like…. I haven’t charged you for utils in like 2 months. I was like, great!

Why the hell can’t he just charge Chris for the utils? And I’ll pay rent. Or if anything we should fucking split them 3 ways. I mean Chris uses more fucking utilities then anyone else. It’s very annoying. So yeah, that’s $300 down the drain.

Plus I’ve bought some expensive presents for people lately. One of which I might have to return now. 🙁 Stupid Ex’s giving the person the same gift two weeks ago and that person not telling me about it. 😛 We’ll see what comes of it. I don’t really want to have to return it.

My car is paid off NEXT MONTH! Yay!

I called my financial addvisor the other day and actually got to talk to him for once. Usually I just left messages asking questions and then he’d call back and leave a message. But for once we actually talked and he was very surprised by my debt-freeness and the amount of assests I have for someone being right out of college. 🙂

He did advise me to get some good tax write offs before the end of the year though because otherwise I’m going to end up paying a ton of money in taxes. 🙁 I’ll have to call him back to find out what I can write off and what not.

Lets see, what else is going on.

Not much really. I’ve been feeling a little disconnected from Iowa lately. I haven’t talked to the PU’s or the Gma in forever. I also feel as though I should call the GmaSibbel too, but who knows. I’d probably call her and she’d be like… “Chris Who” lol

Lets see, what else?

Um, nothing.

Off to have sex with my iPod..

Laters all.

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Iowa misses you! I’m just so sleep deprived with the troll I haven’t been able to form coherent sentences. Gma was up her for the last two days but she’s heading home today. Am sure she’s passively aggressively dying for you to call her.


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