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Scout Shirt

So, the Scout Shirt…

I told JonJon that I bought him a Scout Shirt. Which I did have full intentions of buying him one. But come to find out that Matt had already bought him one. 🙁 That for some reason really hurt me and made me feel really bad.

I reallly wanted it to be something special, because I knew he had wanted one and I had connections to get him one and all that shit and I was planning on getting him one.

But anyways. He seemed a bit upset when I told him that I wasn’t going to let him have it.

But I think that I’ll still get it for him. Though, I’m going to just put it in his car or something. lol. We’ll see what happens.

I also dropped hints that I want to consider him my bf. We’ll see what comes of that as well.

Even if we did, it won’t last long, because I’m eager to get back with Andrew.

Laters all.

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