My Life

My POD! My Yotta!

I got my Yotta Bytes the other day. It’s so sexy.

After lots of confusion and annoyances and yelling. I got it! and it’s hot!


Lets see. My weekend.

Ummm, Friday I went up to Chapman for a few hours then came back to Laguna hills and went to Girls house and had a good time. It was amusing

Saturday I didn’t really get up on time to do most of what I had planned. And ended up just hanging out tell like midnight when I got annoyed and then just came home and drank some.

Sunday I hung out with Andrew and we got my iPod and then ate ice cream. It was a semi-good day, but ended really badly.

Today I slept again and then went up to chapman we watched the speech from the Fast Food Nation guy. very interesting. Its nice to know that I’m living in the place where the fast food fad started.

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