A Great One Year!

So these last couple days have been GREAT! And some exciting things have happened.

I picked up Andrew Tuesday at work and then we drove home. We did some stuff, watched TV or something. And then he gave me my present… First was the “I Survived the blackout” t-shirt, which I’ve been wanting for almost a year now! I was so happy and it’s so cute… I was sad though, cause he wore it today and I wanted to wear it tomorrow, but now it’s dirty. 🙁

Anyways, the second present was SOOOOOOOO thoughtful and wonderful, I feel stupid now with my gifts cause his was so cute and nice. It’s this big binder full of every little thing that we’ve done over the last year, pictures and quotes from the journal entries that corrospond with that day/event. It was so cute and wonderful. I’m so glad that I have such a wonderful boyfriend! ::Smiles::

After that we sat around the house all night watching TV and just doing random stuff. It was really great to have this time with him again. I forgot how much fun last summer was having him here on Weds. And I hope that this summer will be just as great, if not better! Though, with the news I got today, that could be changing quick. More on that later.

Today has been tons of fun. I had a lot of fun with the little game I played with Andrew for his one year present. And I hope that he really enjoyed all 12 of his gifts.

It was a really wonderful day to just hang out with him again, and I wish we had more time to just sit around like this… Well, maybe doing something more than just sitting around, though it was fun. 🙂 We also went and picked up my Diploma, as well as went to the mall to do some other random stuff. There wasn’t anything good at the mall though.

We came home and watched the first 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls. That was so fun, and you really learned a lot about the show. They really set up a ton of stuff in those first four episodes, and it’s amazing that here in the like 3rd or 4th season they are just now getting around to those things. So I hope that means there’s many more seasons to come.

After that we watched Simpsons, and made supper. It was really good, but not as good as I was hoping it would be. 🙁 We ended up throwing most of it away because we were full… Well at least I hope that we were both full and that he just didn’t like it or something.

Once we were done with supper we went and watched the final episode of Gilmore Girls from this season. During that I got a phone call from an Unknown number… Which as many of you know it’s my policy to not answer any phone number that I don’t know on my cell phone. So I let it ring and they left me a message.

So I went and listened to it. It was Jill from Pfizer Healthcare, and I was like…”Why are they calling me.” Then she went on to explain that she works with Jon at Mediasoft, Inc… Well I’ve had an interview with Mike from there, but not with Jon himself, who I’ve been speaking with through e-mail.

Well the story goes that she and Jon want to do a interview tomorrow at 1pm. Which is SWEET! So that’s my second interview with them. Which is very good news…. AND it’s my first EVER second interview. So that’s really exciting.

However, if they do offer me a job after this I know they are going to want me to be there in 2 weeks… And if I’m lucky they will give me 3 weeks to get there. So that’s a bit scary because I was REALLY looking to have a great summer with Andrew. Though I know that getting this job will make things a lot easier for me, and a lot less stressful of a summer…. But it did make me sad that this could happen….

But if they offer me a nice job, I’m going to have to take it. … I dunno if I should have a happy or a sad face here… So how about both? 🙂 🙁

Yeah, so that’s been my day. I’ve had a wonderful time with Andrew and great news with a possible job.

Anywyas, I have to go now… So


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