Graduation… Again.

So this weekend has been really long and hard. But really good too, cause I got to spend lots of time with the Drew Bear.

Friday night, we finally met up late and did stuff, oh. I think we came back to my house and just hung out there. Either way it was fun to just hang out with the drew bear and do stuff. Drove him back to Court’s late.

Saturday I sat around all morning and then went to work from 12-8. That was hellish, and I found out that I work 1-10 next week. again, hellish. I was checking the whole time on Saturday. Mandy and Jessica came through my line and I felt like they were both a little rude. But whatever.

I aslo saw Kristen from my Yucatan class there. We talked shortly about the hellish class that it is.

It was MAD Busy there all day long. I wanted to shoot myself. Though thankfully I didn’t have to fold shit, which was nice. I have a feeling that next weekend will be different. As in, I’ll be folding the whole time, not cashing.

After work I met up with andrew and Court and there was TONS of drama with the weather. We finally made it downtown and then sat there forever waiting for Mike and Jenny to show up. And then when they finally did show up, they didn’t even stay very long. IT was good to see Mike though, and I know Andrew wants to hang out with him again. Hopefully he’ll get a chance too.

We finally got home shortly after 11. After driving through some HELLISH rain storms. IE, You could NOT AT ALL see the road. It was scary as hell! Though not as scary as when I drove through NM.

Got home, watched a stupid movie (Cheaper By the Dozen) and then went to bed. It was so nice to sleep with him again.

Got up Sunday morning and did stuff around the house. Then went to Graduation where I saw tons of stupid people who I hate, and a few people who I used to have crushes on… I kinda wish I could go back to HS and be a little more slutty going through it, And maybe even act on a few of my crushes. Mark Triplett was there too, he’s so hot! And has a REALLY hot ass! Rarr.

Andrew and I actually sat right behind him. I didn’t realize it tell we stood up for the gradutation people to come in. The speaches were stupid, as usual and one girl cried.

It was only 45 minutes though, so that was really nice! Much better then the 2 hours for mine.

After that we went home and hung out with the fam and ate tons of food. There was one cute boy who came to the party. We left shortly after 6 to head to beaks. Though I guess all the REALLY cute boys showed up after we left. 🙁

Hung out with beak and neil for a long time, watched the simpsons and then Malcom. Both very crazy episodes. Also ate dinner and CheeseCake Factory Cheesecake… YUMMY to both!

Broke after that and took Andrew back to Court’s. Then I drove back to Ames… Back to Polk City and Back to Ames.

I’m so happy that Andrew is back in town. This summer will be good! 🙂

And I can’t wait tell Wed to give him all his presents!

OH!!! And if anyone wants to go road tripping with us this weekend, get in contact ASAP! We want to go to either MN, Omaha, or KC.

Let us know !!!!!

Laters all.

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