Yucatan Grade Hell #2

Alright, so here’s what I’ve been up to…

I sent this e-mail to the rest of the class:
“Hello everyone,

Well the semester is over, and grades have recently been released. Yesterday
morning I happily checked my grades first thing when I get into work to see
what the grade fairy brought me for my wonderful last semester.

To my surprise, I must have gotten on the wrong side of the grading fairy for
this class and am very unhappy about what I got. After seeing my grade and
attempting to speak to June about it (that’s a whole nother story!) I decided
to see if anyone else was as surprised as I was about their grades.

I’ve already talked to a couple other people from our class, but if anyone
else was unhappy, please feel free to e-mail me and let me know so that we
can all go in and talk to them together.

Currently Mary is out of the country, and won’t be back until May 27th, so I
am setting up an appointment for May 28th.

Chris Black.”

To which I reveice replies from, Tyron, Omar and Kristen… And this was all by 11:00 AM! Within three hours of my inital e-mail. I’m excited to see if anyone else replies to me over the next couple days. I have also talked to Aaron and Liz and they were both also annoyed by thier grades.

I’ve asked each of them to contact a small army of people to let them know of the situtation.

I’ve sent this e-mail to Omar and Kristen:
“Kristen and Omar,
Hi. It seems as though almost everyone is upset about the grades they got in
this class. So far however it seems mine is the lowest, at a C-… Which I
feel is completely uncalled for. I participated in every activity except for
the Baseball game while there and went to every class but one, which I missed
for INTERVIEWS and is supposed to be excused.

When I talked with June she said that NO A’s were given. Which I feel is a bit
outrageous even by university standards there should be at least one A in a
class this size.

So far I’ve had 5 people besides myself reply that they were upset about thier
grades and almost everyone is in the same boat, that they can’t be in town
for the 28th and that June is neglecting to reply to people.

I think that those people who are upset need to e-mail the proper people to
get our voices heard and to see what can be done. I’ve contacted the dean,
who is apparently out of the office today, but his secretary said that we
should make an appointment with him after meeting with June, Yanira, and
Mary. “

And then this e-mail to MY College of Business Advisor:
“Dear Ann,
My name is Chris Blank and I graduated from ISU last weekend. Yesterday I went
to look at my grades and found that I received a C- in a class which I was
expecting at least a B+ in. I’ve attempted contact with the professor, and
she has been unhelpfull telling me that I must wait until May 27th before the
other professor returns to the country.

As you can imagine, I’m very upset with this low grade and wish to have it
ratified as soon as possible, or at least to understand WHY I got such a low
grade. I have also talked to my other classmates, and 5 of them have told me
that they too were unhappy with the grade they received.

I was wondering if there’s anything else that I can do. I feel that this
professor should be able to back up the grades which were handed out without
having to have the other professor in the country. I do understand wanting
the other professor in the meeting, however I and the other classmates want
some answers before the 27th (as most of us are leaving the state long before
that day).

I have put them in contact with Zora Zimmerman, but I’d just also like you to
be aware of the situtaion and also for some advice from you as to what we can

Thanks Greatly,
Chris Black “

I guess it’s a wait and see game now about what happens.

Laters all.

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