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Close Call

So last night was my first night of working. It was pretty fun. I was stuck in the fitting room the whole night. Which wasn’t that bad. But you wouldn’t believe how many wives like going in with thier husbands to “help them try on clothes”… Yeah, right. I bet that’s what they are doing in there. I also noticed that women like to hang things back up after they are done trying them on. It made my life a whole lot easier. Russ, the guy that “trained” me in how to do the fitting room told me that it’s pretty much punishment if you get stuck there for more then an hour at a time. If that’s the case then I’ll gladly just do that all day long for all my shifts. It’s not that horrible and I can deal with it. I think it’s better then being out on the floor and folding shit all day.

Over all it was lots of fun. I think I can deal with this job petty job.

Today was a bit hectic though. I’ve known I had one more assingment due, but I thought it was due tomorrow from 12-2… I found out today at 1:10 that it was due by 2pm today! I hadn’t started it yet. So I RODE my bike home as fast as I could and then sat down and threw out 6 pages in 40 minutes about the history of African Americans from 1930-1960 and what four presidents during that period did to help with the civil rights movment. I was so stressed out. I got it turned in at 2:30 and she seemed really nice about it, so that’s good. I hope that I get a good grade in there.

I was really hoping for an A in at least two of my classes… Human Sex and this history class. It seems as though neither of them will happen now though. I HAD an A in history tell today. But I’m sure my essay wasn’t A quality. Then my Sex class I could have gotten an A, but the bastards wouldn’t let me have those 2 points, which is the only thing that’s KEEPING me from getting an A. I realy want to go YELL at him. Stupid whore.

Oh, and Andrew McGeehan is HOT HOT HOT!!

Anyways, that’s been my life. I’m off to go work some more.

Laters all.

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Girls hang things up??!?

My experience:

Guys – “I wear a Medium/30-32 so I’ll take one that size and leave the rest untouched”

Girls – “I wear a medium/6 but I’d better unfold ALL the mediums/6’s and make sure they’re all the right size before I make my desision.”

My time at the Gap it always seemed the guys side was decently easy to close, and the womens side was a DISASTER.

Where are you working now, or are you going to be Mr Secretive again? haha

No, I’ll admit where I’m working this time… It’s the Gap’s Super Cheap sister store….. OLD NAVY!

In my three hours in the fitting room, almost ALL the womens stuff came back, HUNG and folded… Most work I had to do was button things up, or zip the pants for most of the womens shit… Granted almost EVERY woman took the max 8 items back, while most guys only took 1 or 2.

But the guys just brought it back and threw it on the counter… So I’d have to go fetch the hangers from the dressing room (which of course they didn’t close the door or bring back the number tag) and then hang them up or fold them.

Stupid men!

Laters. Yo.

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