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September 3, 2001 #2

Sept 3, #2 [Oasis, "It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!)"]

Ok, well I got Dreamweaver 4 installed and got those cool navigation buttons

working. I’m so happy! Today’s been pretty boring. Grrr. I hate boring days.

Last night I had written Adam a letter basically talking about random things

and how the weekend’s been and shit. I knew he was working all day, so I

went over there and got this card. And got him some flowers, you know just

to say, Thanks for such a great time this summer, I’m glad to have you as

a friend. I wanted to get him Carnations cause they’re more of a freindship

flower, but they didn’t have any good looking ones. So I got him two yellow

roses, and put them and the card and the letter in his car. I hope he gets

them alright. This really are getting better!

I really didn’t want to leave this morning though. I didn’t want to come

back here. But I know that I have to. I’ll have lots of other good times

with Adam and people soon enough, but sometimes school / work gets in the

way. When we move to AZ we’ll have lots of great times together.

Good times. I got back here and there were like a shit load of e-mails

for me. I got two from random people. One was from this

guy. I’ve seen this guy before. His

pictures are used in a brochure thing for one of the local studios that

does HS Senior pics. He said that he hangs out at Java Joe’s and the gay

loop alot. I’ve never seen him there, but then said he was at the Alliance

meeting and I didn’t remember seeing him there, but then he described what

he was wearing and I was like, "OH YEAH. I remember you." So yeah.

He’s damn hot. He’s from DM and not going to college yet this year. Then

there was this other guy. He goes to ISU,

but I’ve never seen him on campus. We’ll see if he e-mails me back. 🙂 Whatever.

Ok I suppose I should finish my randomness from last night, eh?

So first topic, Time With Adam. Over the last three days I’ve spent alot

of time with Adam. Personal one on one time. I’ve really enjoyed it and

we’ve talked about alot of wierd things. We’ve talked about those plans

to move to AZ, we’ve talked about anything and everything under the sun.

I fell so much closer to him now. I don’t really remember where I wanted

to taket his to last night. But lets just say I’m glad that we’re such good


Second topic, Julian. Last night Adam and I had to run an errand for his

mom. We went to Wal-Mart of course to get her some stuff. Well first we

went back to see Julian. He looked really mad. So we hung out and talked

to him for a bit. Then he got some more customers, so we left to get what

we went to Wal-Mart for. We had to get Adam’s mom a fish, and her film.

Well we went and got the film, no problem, then we went to get the fish.

There was a line and the person there, didn’t want to touch the fish so

she was really slow at it. Adam, being the crazy guy that he is. Jumped

in there and started helping people, then he got the fish we needed. Then

I had to go get some things. By the time we had gotten everything it was

late and we’d been gone for a while with Adam’s mom’s credit card. So we

left and completely forgot that we were going to go back and see Julian

until we were like pulling in Adam’s drive way. Again. I felt bad cause

we didn’t go back and see him.

Third topic, Adam’s mom. Well Adam told his mom that I was gay. She’s cool

with it. But some things have been happening lately that have been really

wierd. Well first. I gave Adam some rainbow colored condoms cause I found

them amusing. Well he left them in his pants pockets and his mom washed

them and found them. I can just bet what that conversation was like. But

later that day. I was at his house talking to him mom and they came up and

I was like, "I have every color of the rainbow." She just gave

me the wierdest look. But then later. I guess Rob said there was something

wierd about me to Melinda. He thought that I was gay. And I guess Melinda

told him that I was. So that’s oddness. I’ve written this down somewhere

today, but I don’t remember if it was on here, or in an e-mail. Adam and

I think that his PU’s think that we’re together. Whatever, it’s so amusing,

the life that is Adam’s. I bet it’s not as amusing for him, but from the

outside it is. And he’s got good PU’s I think they’d be cool with what ever

he tells them. I guess also they talked to him about Saturday night when

they came home and Adam and I were there. And about us wanting the house

to ourselves. They didn’t say it str8 out, but I guess the thing that Adam

got out of thier convo is that it’s ok if you bring your BF’s home, just

don’t bring them home to make out, or something like that. I was amused.

Forth topic, Angie and NP. The other day Angie randomly called me and said,

"What’s North Polk’s school song." Well since I played a low insturment

I didn’t get to play the chorus type part, so all I knew was my part, which

wasn’t what she wanted, so I put her on speaker phone and got my brother

(At her request) and asked him. Then he sang like a few notes of it and

then I broke into it and then Angie started singing the words. It was so

amusing. My mom laughed at us all.

Fifth topic, My Grandma. The other night as well my grandma called and

said that he computer wasn’t working. She said she didn’t have a start bar,

or anything on her desktop and that her mouse wouldn’t work. Well I couldn’t

think of anything that would be causing this and I couldn’t explain to her

what to do to try and figure it out (She didn’t even know what the shift

key was). So I told her to leave it there and I’d come down some weekend

and look at it. Well the next day she just showed up at our door with her

computer and shit. I was like, WTF? So she brought it in and we set it up

and stuff, I started it up and it worked fine for me, so she drove all that

way (2 hours) for nothing. Oh well. She hung out there for a couple hours

and talked to my PU’s and shit.

Number six. My Crazy Aunt. After my grandma left I checked my voice mail

on my phone. My Aunt had called at 11:38 the night before and told me that

my grandma was going to be coming up. I was like, "WHO THE HELL GAVE

HER MY CELL PHONE NUMBER!" Cause of all people, she’s someone who shouldn’t

have it. My mom said, oh she called last night and I gave it to her. Apparently

they all knew my grandma was coming up, but not me. Nope, don’t worry about

telling Chris. That’s ok.

Ok, so that’s all the topics. Adam called a bit ago and was said thanks

for the flowers. I guess Tara called and told him that they were in his

car. I had mentioned to her that I was worried they’d be wilted by the time

he got off. And she asked me if I wanted her to call him, and I was like,

I don’t care. So I guess she did. That’s cool though. Adam said they meant

alot to him, which is nice. He means so much to me. It’s going to be an

amusing story though when he tells his mom that I gave them to him. He said

he might say that Angie sent them or something, which is cool with me, cause

well. We don’t need his mom suspecting more then she does now, lol.

Ok this is long enough and I’m sure everyone’s bored, So I’m going to go

now, laters.

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