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September 4, 2001

Sept 4, [Eagles, "I Can’t Tell You Why"]

Well today’s been one long fucking ass day. I went to class about 7:30

this morning or so. It was the most boring class in the world. I hate Accounting.

Then I went to BusAd, that was stupid as well. I have to plan out the next

four years for my next class in there. Grrr. That’s going to be annoying.

I don’t know what classes I want to take yet. Then after that I went to

work. Work was damn boring today as well. Everything’s been boring today.

I just sat around most of the day cause she didn’t really have anything

for me to do. I did a little research on Audiot equiptment for the conf

room, but other then that there wasn’t anything to do. Now I’m here. I have

to leave for class here in about 30 minutes, my last one of the day, thank

god for that. I’ll have alot to do tomorrow though. Grrr.

Oh, one funny thing did happen at work today though. I was calling AVI

Systems in DM to get some pricing and shit for a piece of kit. Well this

guy anwsers the phone and goes, "Good Day, Chris." He has the

funniest Australian accent. It’s great. I’ve got a meeting with him on Tuesday,

we’ll see if I can not laugh at it. lol.

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