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September 5, 2001

Sept 5, [Drain STH, "Enter My Mind"]

Ok so I’m working on my schedule for the next couple years (up to graduation

actually) and I’m having problems, you see, they require a shit load of

Soc and other such classes. I hate Soc. I hate all of these damn classes

that they require, Grrr. So I’m having problems with that. Whatever.

Jules, Vero and I are going to the Ice Cream social for the Alliance thing

today, that should be amusing as hell. I’m all about free ice cream 🙂

Other then that not much has been going on here today. I’m really bored

with class work and shit. I’ve got alot I have to get done, but I really

don’t want to do it. I’ve got to read my Soc book, I should read me Accounting,

I need to read Econ, Grrr. It all just seems to pile up, I don’t really

have the willpower to actually do it all.

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