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September 3, 2001

Sept 3

Well today has been tons of fun and excitement. It all started out I went

over to Adam’s about 3 and we hung out there for like 30 minutes and shit

waiting for Mandy and Vero to get there. Well they got there and wanted

to go to Ames to get Ryan and they wanted to just hang out there and watch

a movie or something as I understand it. Well Adam and I didn’t want to

do that, cause well I left Ames for the weekend cause I wanted to go out

with Adam here in Des Moines, not to be driving to Ames. So they went to

Ames and Adam and I went downtown to drop some stuff off at the GLRC. Well

we went there and then Vero called Adam and we met them all at Java Joes.

That was good times. We spent like two hours at Java Joes, it was like 7

by the time we were wanting to leave. We were all going to go to Perkins

and get food and shit. Well, Adam and I were riding in Adam’s car, we were

heading back there and Adam realized he didn’t have his keys. So we went

back to Java Joes and looked all around there. Couldn’t find them, so we

went back to his car tracing the steps we took to get there, couldn’t find

them. They weren’t in his ignition so we thought they had to be outside

somewhere. So we went back to Java Joe’s. Still couldn’t find them. Went

back to his car and looked around even more. They were laying in his seat

and his door was locked. So we had to call his dad. It took him like 30

minutes to get there, but he finally got the door open. We were so excited,

then we hung around there and talked to his dad some about cars and manly

shit. That was amusing. Then we went back to Ankeny and went to Hy-Vee,

by now it was almost ten. At Hy-Vee we remembered that we had been invited

to a party at Xak’s Apartment, so we went there, and hung out with Xak,

then we went to find the party, but couldn’t find it, so we went back to

Xak’s and watched a really amusing movie. After that we went out back while

Xak and this Luke guy smoked and we talked and told funny stories. It was

good times. Adam and I left there about midnight, I was sad to leave Adam

tonight. I really didn’t want to. It’s going to be a few weeks before I

see him again. grrrr. I hate this, being in Ames. It’s not that far, but

yet it’s to far to really be back here every weekend.

We had called Vero and them when we realized that we locked the keys in

the car. I feel bad about making them drive back to Des Moines, and then

we pretty much ditched them cause, well we couldn’t go anywhere. But I feel

bad about that. I really do. Sorry if that ruined your plans, I really wanted

to hang out with them, but by the time we got out car unlocked and shit

it was late, and we had no Idea where they might have been. So we just went

and hung out.

I’m really glad that I’ve had the time to spend with Adam this weekend.

Just the one on one time. I’ve realized alot about our relationship. I hope

that our plans to move to Arizona work out. I really do. It’d be the coolest

fucking thing ever.

There’s alot more that I want to write about. But it’s late and I hate

this keyboard, it sticks. Topics include: Time with Adam; Julian; Adam’s

mom; Angie and NP; My grandma; My crazy aunt; and other random things. I’ll

go away now though, cause this keyboard is really getting to me. Grrr.

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