My Life

September 1, 2001

Sept 1

Tonight’s been really great. I went out with Adam, just me and him. I love

being with just him, we have so much to talk about really. We can almost

always find some random thing to talk about. I really love him to death.

I wish we could give a relationship another go. But like I’ve said before.

I know that’ll never happen or work again cause he’s so wraped up in other

people right now. We started the night by going downtown and we went to

this big ass parking garage and we talked about the future, what it holds

for us and where we think we’re going to go. We have this big plan to move

to AZ. I dunno if I’ve mentioned it before or not, but I really like it

and I hope that we can carry it out. We talked about it tonight, and I think

it’s feasable if everuthing keeps on track like it is right now. If all

goes to plan in 2004 Adam, Angie and I are moving to AZ. I really hope that

it works that way. After the parking garage there was much randomness and

walking places. About 9 or so we went back to Adam’s house and we were just

going to hang out there and talk and shit. Well we went there and his mom

and like entire fucking family showed up shortly after that. They hung out

there for a while, and then his familyish type people left, (they all took

pictures of me for some odd reason). But Melinda and Rob stayed in and that

fucked up our plans for the night. So we went back downtown and walked around,

there was some beerfest thing going on so there were lots of amusing drunk

people there. Then we came back to Ankeny and hung out and talked. Now I’m

here, wishing that we could be together one more time, give a relationship

one more shot at where ever it might go. Let life take me to where it should

and let me be happy. When I was with Adam I was so happy, when I’m with

Adam now, I’m happy. But when I was with him. That was the best time in

my life. The best.

This morning my mom and I went to UBS and we bought Dreamweaver 4, Fireworks

4, Flash 5, and Freehnad 10 for $250. That’s like $1,000 worth of software.

I was so happy. It’s bloody cool. I’m going to have to learn Flash and shit

now. But I’m loving Student Discounts on software.

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