Feb 22, 2001

Government teachers are stupid. so we had this government

test, right. and one of the questions was “Explain the concepts behind

our federal system of government. Identify at least three of the specific

powers given to each government orginization and shared by them. Explain why

the founding fathers delegated teh power to each” now how would you answer that?. I answered it based on the federal government and the three branches,

you know, legislative, executive, and judicail. right, well the question was

worth 20 points, guess how many i got wrong on it, 20, damnit, i got a fucking

C on this damn test because of one godamn question. i asked him about it after

class and he even said that most people got that whole question wrong, so

is that not showing that htere is a problenm with the question or a problem

with the way he taught it? stupid bastard.

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