Feb 21, 2001

my econ professor is totaly nuts. we had a test today

in econ, yeah. and he would like ask the same question five times. it was

so messed up, but it was pretty easy, i think i did good on it. i hope i did

good on it. it’s snowing again here too. damnit snow in feb is just nasty.

redundant, yucky, snow in december and jan is ok, but snow this late in feb

is just nasty, and it’s coming down really hard too, i like the last hour

or so we have gotten like an inch or two. i also have some wierd people on

my buddy list, i don’t even know who they are. it’s like, hmmm. i know i added

them for a reason but why are they there, and who are they? where did i find

them at? right now i have about 5 that i have no idea who they are and like

10 others that i have just a vauge idea of who they are. but i’m not really

sure who they are or why they are there. i also got a letter from my home

camp the other day. they are basically saying that if i want to work at camp

this summer all i have to do is call and i got the job. i think it would be

a cool job if i don’t get one else where. so yeah, i have a test tonight to.

i really don’t want to go take it, it should be pretty easy but accounting

is just one of thost classes that you don’t like the tests in cause it’s just

copying numbers from one place to another and it’s just redundant and boring

shit. i don’t see why it’s a required course. i think i’ll go read some of

the book here soon. i should really get to work on that. XY is like the coolest

magazine in the world. i love it. they have all kinds of great articles and

such in it. once i get some free time where i know the r won’t be in i’ll

scan a bunch of the articles and put them up, cuase some of them are just

really good. i currently have 7,429 e-mails. i need to clean some of that

out sometime, but i really don’t want to. it’s to much work to go trough and

see what i need to get rid of. they go back over 2 years. hehe, i know most

of them i don’t need. but yeah. it’s cool.

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