Feb 20, 2001

So yeah, i’ve been gone all weekend, it was so cool.

hehe. but right now i’m soooooooo out of it. i bout fell asleep in my accounting

class and then the professor gave me an extra problem “so i wouldn’t

get bored” i was like, damnit. i’m like out of the world i can’t do this

now. so i just satt there and looked at it the whole hour. well lets see this

weekeend, wel i got to my cousins at like 5 and she wouldn’t be home tell

like 5:20 or so, but her husband was home, and he was supposed to let me in,

but he didn’t he was still in bed. so i had to wait for like 10 minutes tell

she got home. lol, it was cool. there’s these weird people down the hall and

you could hear everything they were saying i was amused. well we really didn’t

do much but it was cool. yeah. danny called on sat night, that was cool but

i haven’t talked to him since then, 🙁 it was fgunny though cause when i got

off the phone with him, my cousin was like “i didn’t know it was a love

thing” and then she kept saying aww, a love thing. i was like yeah. lol.

and i talked to her mom that was funny shit too cause we were talking and

then all of a sudden she was like “are you drunk” it was great.

lol. and then on monday we went to UNL, soooo fucking boring. YUCKY. i sooooo

don’t want to go there, that is my last choise anymore, it’s a crappy ass

campus, i would rather go to SDSU or the other college i applied to. yeah,

that would be really cool. i think i might have talked my mom into letting

me go to philly sometime, “to check out the camps” yeah, right.

lol. but it would be cool. but yeah, i think that if i do go out there i don’t

know if i would WANT to see danny. not yet. i might but i don’t know i would

like have to wait tell i get there to see if i want to see him. ya know what

i mean. it would be really freaky to see him, i want to see him, but do i

really want to see him yet, are we ready for it? i don’t know. but i would

so love to go to philly, just to be in philly, just to be there.

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